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At some point of your life, you may have heard the buzz-word phrase ‘experiential travel’! Simplifying it, it basically means trips which focus on connecting with a new place or with locals, or heading to a personalized journey with the sole aim of filling your soul with new teachings and adventures. Experiential travel is on the rise and according to a survey carried out, around 70% of people prefer spending their hard earned bucks on varied experiences rather than spending on materialistic things. Book your holiday packages to the USA from India and no matter what your favorite type of things are;nature, wine, animals or food you’ll enjoy reading this post on tour ideas which will match your personality and interests.

For The Budding Photographer-Maine


Maine offers you a unique way to witness fall foliage like you have never seen it before. Professional and well-equipped photo guides renowned for their beautiful captures of the area will lead and assist you to their personal favorite hard-to-find spots to click the beautiful autumn scenery. You will be blessed with the beautiful sights throughout the trail and will enjoy an incredible view of Bigelow Mountains. There are many tour options in Maine which would provide you a guided canoe trip including photography lessons, expert tips and meals with lip-smacking local food!

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For The Nature Admirers-Alaska


Is dreaming of nights amongst wilderness and seeing animals in their natural habitats your thing? Alaska has all covered! In your trip to Alaska, if you are lucky enough you can see bear hunting salmon in stunning waterfalls. You can even spot sea otters, whales, puffins and sea lions in the Kenai Fjords National Park. You can take into many tours which are guided by knowledgeable locals who would provide you an opportunity to safely see the bears hunting into the wilderness.

For The Foodie-New Orleans

new orleans

If you are looking for a perfect way to enjoy some lip-smacking Louisiana food and culture, take one of many food tours offered in New Orleans. On these tours, you will dine with the local families, visit food factories, go for a cooking course with local chefs and try contemporary unique dishes. New Orleans food tours are a nirvana for the foodie inside you!

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For The Fitness Fanatics-Hawaii


Hawaii is renowned for its stunning views, unbelievable beaches, and perfect weather! Grab cheap vacation package deals to Hawaii and what better than cycling through Hawaii for the fitness fanatic inside you. It would just feel like seeing paradise on two wheels. Book your one of many local cycling tours offered, providing you an opportunity to ride through volcanic national parks alongside stunning beaches!

For The Spirituality Seeker-Tucson


If you are willing to reconnect with your inner-self and want a healthy dose of relaxation and spa, Tucson, Arizona is a perfect antidote. You can opt for an all-inclusive spa trip and spiritual journey hosted at well-known spots with mindfulness tips which will come handy in your near future. The trips include yoga, spirit walks, calming bike rides and pilates classes. Tucson is perfect for the spirituality seeker as it enables you to unwind yourself with the mesmerizing natural scenery surrounding you!


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