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Guide to travel solo in Canada Being a vagabond and a solo traveler, Canada is a great bet for sparking the temptation of wanderlust these days. It makes for a perfect country for the solo travelers, all owing to its bustling cities, ease of transport and abundance of budgetary hostels to stay. No doubt, being the second largest nation in the world, it does call for some planning to extract the maximum out of your vacation. So what exactly you need to know about your solo traveling to Canada? We’ll tell you what! Book your airline tickets from Pune to Toronto and keep reading to be aware of all the trips on in our guide on solo traveling to Canada.

Stay In Budgetary Hostels

Stay in Budgetary hostels Hostels make for a fantastic accommodation for all the solo travelers. They are an excellent way to make new connections, save bucks on accommodation and food. But, if staying in a dormitory doesn’t make you comfortable, many hostels offer private chambers which are still a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel room.

Stick Onto The Major Cities

Major Cities in Canada Being a solo traveler, it might not be a great idea to travel alone through the remote areas as it might not be economical. Cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary etc offer both outdoor and city adventures, ski resorts, national parks and effortlessly beautiful surroundings. Being the major cities, there are a plethora of affordable hostel options for all the solo vagabonds traveling to this beautiful nation.

Visit Markets For Meals

Visit Markets For Meals No doubt in trying signature Canadian dishes but exploring country’s few of the most popular markets for some cheap yet lip-smacking deals. Toronto and Vancouver are filled with this kind of markets offering different cuisines at many affordable prices. St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Richmond Night Market in Vancouver, ByWard Market in Ottawa, Old Port Market in Quebec City are few of the acclaimed markets which will offer you some great meals at reasonable prices. The service of these markets isn’t restricted to food, but they also make for a great place to buy souvenirs at cheap rates.

Don’t Just Stick To A Single Transport Option

Transportation option in Canada One of the great advantage to travel solo across Canada that this country has multifarious transport options to get your from one place to other. Airways, buses, rail networks collectively make for an excellent transit option for the travelers. Train travel can be a cheaper alternative in comparison to flying and the good thing is that you don’t have to compromise on your comfort. When flying, always opt for the national airlines which would offer you great bargains. To your advantage, many hostels in the country are situated close to one or another transport option. All major cities have streetcars, buses and subway system to make your travel cheaper. Compare the transportation expense of all the mediums and go for the one which suits your budget and comfort.

Look Out For The Best Free Attractions

Free Attractions in Canada If you search for the free attractions or things to do in a city, you will be greeted with a plethora of blogs, posts, and articles to peruse. It is good to spend few bucks on major touristic attractions but there is also a lot of fun attached to fun and free things. Stroll around Vancouver’s popular Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, click pictures at Jellybean Row and plenty other free things to do while traveling solo across the second biggest country in the world. Just open Google and search free things to do in Canada and boom, have fun without doing much harm to your wallet. There is a lot more to Canada which you will experience while traveling solo across the country! Get your affordable flight tickets from India to Canada and learn why traveling solo is one of the ace ways to explore the world.

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