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Everyone loves to travel to different and new places that will give them the experience for life. But everyone can not afford to visit all the expensive cities of the world. Budget sometimes becomes the main obstacle in the way of traveling to the best cities that people expect to visit. Although, everyone saves money for a trip but what would happen, if you are able to visit places that are good as well as cheap. Sounds interesting, right? So, here is a list of 8 cheapest cities that are a must visit.

Karachi, Pakistan:


Now, don’t get scared away by the name of Pakistan. It’s a nice country filled with nice people. Karachi is Pakistan’s cheapest and largest city and to live there or visit there is not at all expensive and more importantly, Karachi is Pakistan’s main financial center.

Tehran, Iran:

beautiful tourist attraction in iran12

Capital city of Iran and the largest one too and even this is the largest city in Western Asia and the fifth largest city in the whole world. About 12 million people lives in the city and it is also the second cheapest city of the world.

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Mumbai, India:


The cultural and commercial capital of India is the third cheapest city in the whole world. Mumbai also has a major seaport on the Arabian Sea and there are so many places of interest that you will never get bored of.

New Delhi, India:


The capital city of India is the fourth cheapest city of the world. Thriving life of New Delhi would enchant you to visit every corner of the city. Visit New Delhi for a wonderful experience and experience Incredible India!

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:


Main city for trade and commerce in Saudi Arabia, it is the 5th cheapest city of the world and it is the second largest city of Saudi Arabia which is also the main gateway to The great Mecca.

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Kathmandu, Nepal:

Kopan Monastery 2

Nepal is a beautiful country and it’s capital, Kathmandu is the economic hub of Nepal and is always thriving with tourism. It is the 6th cheapest place in the world to go or to live.

Panama City, Panama:
Panama City

Panama city in Panama is tied with Kathmandu. IT is also one of the cheapest cities to visit and to live and it’s economy is dependent on banking, tourism etc.

Algiers, Algeria:


The 8th cheapest city in the world, Algiers, is the capital city of the Algeria country and also the largest city that is located on the bay side of the Mediterranean Sea. The white and tall buildings are it’s main attraction. Visit this place for a great experience.


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