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Which is the best time to book flight tickets to a particular place, is truly a complex question which can never be responded with a less complicated answer. A particular date or day is hard to point out, however, based on studying long going market trends, one can conclude slightly safer bets to fetch cheap travel deals. While the domestic US air-fares are in general running pretty high at the moment, if you interested in knowing about the opportune time to book cheap flight to India from USA, then on searching tickets you’d most probably find the prices quite high for them too. But they actually are not too bad, for the peak tourist season in India has yet not started and so from almost a month and a half from now air-fares of flights to India will be soaring real high.   flight tickets So to a simple answer to ‘What is the Best Time to book Flights to India,’ will be- NOW! Why? Flight rates in general between North America and Asia (which includes our area of interest - USA to India flights) increase during the months of December, January, July and August. The prices are relatively cheaper for the rest of the time. So if you are planning a trip in the coming months, your bookings better be before July for sure.   The peak season rates for obvious reasons tend to be high. Everyone wants to visit the place at that time. The craze and the fun to visit a particular place in the right season is incomparable and therefore, we wouldn’t advise you to hold your plans to visit India for the off-season. Go when it’s most fun. If it is June-July then why not. If you book now, you may get low-cost travel deals on flights flying around that time as well.   Also Read: Top Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to India   Advance bookings help you save and cut down on travel expenses- a common knowledge it is. However, how well in advance? Experts say that the best time is to book 6 weeks to 3 months in advance. Calculate the time left for the tourist season to kick-start. That makes it the perfect time to book your tickets now to get the most affordable price offerings.  flight tickets from USA to IndiaWhile we are ready for advance bookings, we also have to ponder upon how far in advance to book international flights. It is also advisable not to book too soon in advance itself. So do not book 3 and a half months prior to your departure dates, as the prices may fluctuate much, and you may miss out on a lower air-fare offering.   Similarly, booking at the last hour may have you spend much more than what you expected, so make sure you book before a week to your departure. However, in case of last minute flight requirements it is always better to approach a trusted travel agent or travel portal, as they may have cheaper tickets already secured in their kitty.  

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