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Who wouldn’t like to reside in the world’s developed and powerful nation? Who wouldn’t like to stay at a place full of opportunities? However,, it’s a tough time going on for U.S. economy, and living in the States, is not just a matter of a wish, for it to happen. Surviving and making ends meet is really tough here. Some of the world’s most expensive places can be marked down alone in the U.S. map.


However, to live U.S.A. for cheap, one can choose to make basis in one of the following cities, which are comparably quite affordable:


(in nor particular order)






This U.S. state on the Mississippi River is a lovely place to be. Rich in its culture and history, arts and heritage, it is also among the few places in the United States, where you can enjoy a comfortable living at affordable rates.


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Affordable housing, low property taxes, cheap food and recreation facilities. If you like it decent and simple, the place offers a great option to reside at. Public transport is also much cheaper than most places in US.






Buy or rent, houses at very decent rates are available in Alabama. The place that houses the landmarks of the American Civil War Movement, provides it’s residents inexpensive utilities like water, electricity etc. as well as outings too are not much of a big expense.






Your bills in Iowa will never shock you, at least not in bad taste. They will never put a hole into your pocket. You will find a house of your own at decent prices. The overall cost of living in this place is quite low and affordable.






A big city with no big prices, even after being home to 3 Fortune 500 companies. You can have an inexpensive living in this quaint US city. The place is known for its food and music, and jazz.


McAllen, Texas:




This city at the southern tip of Texas, is another great residing option if you don’t have the luxury of choosing the expensive places like New York. It’s cost of living is almost 16% cheaper than the national average.


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Harlingen, Texas:  


This is the cheapest of all. Easy and cheap housing is available. However, the people who live there wouldn’t think of it that ways, because the expenses are not too low if the income is brought into consideration. A major part of the population lives below poverty line.


Explore these wonderful cities of US, and who knows you’ll actually start considering the thought of living in one of them. For cheap flight tickets from USA to India, or India to US, you can look for great offers here at Tripbeam.


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