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Thanksgiving is around the corner. So, are you ready to celebrate America’s greatest food holiday? When you are thinking about how and where to celebrate this magnificent holiday, the first thing to consider is the flight tickets because, when to buy cheap flight tickets is the biggest concern.
Before you start, just remember there are no bargains at thanksgiving. There are just cheaper and most expensive days to travel.
Do not fly on days that falls under the category of highest prices. If by any chance, one of these must be part of your journey, pair it with a cheaper day and you are likely to save some money.
Avoid flying on these days:
  • Nov 25, 2015 (The day before Thanksgiving)
  • Nov 29, 2015 (The day after Thanksgiving)

Best departure dates:
  • Nov 23,2015
  • Nov 24,2015
  • Nov 26,2015 (Thanksgiving Day)

Best return dates:
  • Nov 28,2015
  • Nov 30,2015
  • Dec 01,2015

Why to buy now?
The best time to buy your Thanksgiving air tickets is now because for every day you delay in the month of October, get ready to add an extra amount of $5 per day for one ticket. So, just book your tickets as soon as possible to avoid spending extra bucks.
Although the best dates to get cheapest flight tickets will be from 5 October to 13 October. If you miss on these days, best departure dates will be the dates mentioned above. Flying from Wednesday to Sunday is most expensive, try to keep it away from your travel book.
Some more ways to save money:
Opt for connecting flights: If you opt for connecting flights against your convenience, you might be able to save up to $100 or so. Check with airlines for best options.
Compare prices: Comparing prices with other airlines is the best way of getting cheap airline tickets. No single airline offers the best deal. Compare prices to save money.
Fly from smaller airport: The main airport located within 15 to 20 minutes of your house might be your airport of choice but, if traveling 30 to 45 minutes gets you to another airport that saves on air fares. Then its worth the inconvenience.
Considering all the above points in mind and without delaying any more time, go and shop for tickets now and save your hard earned money and even time. You will be more than happy you did that.

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