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Guess what’s an amazing adventure sport that is not much explored in India? Let’s catch up with a hint, it is one of the best sports that one definitely should be indulged in. Scuba Diving! Claps for the ones who guessed it right. It is a sport that gives you a perspective of a totally different world. Did you just start imagining a life underwater? Well, let’s see and imagine together, how it exactly would be? Though scuba diving is a treat at an exotic international destination but India too has a fair share of such locations. There are ample coastal places with two seas and an ocean flanking the country where diving is hundred percent possible. Here are some of them, let’s have a look.



Here we are starting with the party capital city of India which comes with some of the best beaches on India and diving sites as well. Make some time from the Party and the lazy Goa schedule to go on for a dive, a life underwater. Explore the beautiful underwater life, feel like a water animal among the real ones.

Andaman andaman scuba diving  

These Pieces of land in the Indian ocean are well known for their exotic waters and equally for the underwater life. Just Imagine how beautiful it would be, swimming with the different different water animals, cutting trough the live corals. Diving here in the deep blue among the tiny fishes is surely going to be one hell of a experience. Just don’t miss upon this if you are here.

Netrani Netrani  

Netrani Islands are near Bhatkal and is renowned for serene underwater life. This Island is blessed with blue water with amazing corals inside. It is also a place where one can spot stingrays, whales and varieties of fish. This Island is not a popular;y known travel destination but one can obviously count it as a scuba diving only destination.

Tarkarli Tarkarli  

Tarkarli is the only scuba diving spot in Maharashtra among it’s natural environment. This place is located near the famous Sindhudurg Fort and is one of the best option for both Punekars and Mumbaikars. It is also one of the perfect spot for your scuba diving start. Also it is one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai.

Kochi kochi  

There is this beautiful destination in Kerela that faces Arabian Sea which hold some scenic shores also which offers more stunning underwater scenes. It is sure that you are going to spot lots and lots of corals underwater and also different fishes here in the unspoiled water.

Lakshadweep Lakshadweep  

These Islands in the southern part of India have some pristine waters. The untouched waters of these islands provide one with perfect opportunity to explore the world, underwater. A dive session here is worth every penny spent.

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Well, here are the places you can book a cheap flight from Houston to India to kick start your Suba Diving Sessions. So what are you still Imagining? Hurry!!! get down to explore the underwater life.


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