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The City of Nizams, Hyderabad is a 400 year old metropolitan which was established by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. The city has a long history with the Rajas and Maharajas. It is one of the finest imperial residencies of India. The city is the largest in terms of area in Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad’s natural reserves and exotic water bodies, make it a ‘perfect holiday destination’ for everyone.

The name Hyderabad means Hyder’s address or 'lion’s city'. It was under constant fights over its conquering issues, in the historic era. Hence, the city consists of many remarkable monuments which portray the victory of many rulers who changed from time to time. These monuments are now regarded as the important tourist destinations and heritage sights.

The city has everything, from gardens to lakes, monuments to hotels, street food to the Nawabi delicacies, and much more in store for every category of people. To know more about this city, there are some points which you should be well aware of before you step into journeying the city by yourself or in someone’s company.

How to Get There

Advance booking of flights in the peak months, like September, November and February, is strictly advisable. Heavy rush of tourists is also expected in this season. You can also get cheap and fair deals from a good flight booking agent. In other seasons, regular flights take off from both domestic as well as international airports. You may however use the road and rail services too. But this might be a costly affair.

Popular Places to Visit

  • Charminar: The mesmerizing Charminar stands as the epitome of the city since the time it was built. Its four minarets stand tall upto 48.7m height. Visiting the monument explains you its history with Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah and depicts the effort the founder made to keep it intact.
  • Mecca Masjid: As Hyderabad was ruled under the Mughals for the longest time, this Mosque was built in their ruling era. This granite-stoned mosque contains a 180 feet long, 220 feet wide and 75 feet high praying hall. It is the main attraction and also one of the landmarks of the city. It stands with dignity since 1694.
  • Golconda Fort: The capital of the Qutb Shahi Empire, the Golconda Fort, is known for its lavish palaces, creatively designed water flowing systems and a gun that belongs to Fateh Rahben. It is opened for the regular tourists and also for the localities. You need to spare at least two hours to do justice in visiting the Fort.
  • Birla Mandir: Strongly built over the Naubath Pahad of Hyderabad’s modernized part. Constructed with pure white marbles, the temple has numerous tourists coming early morning, as no shoes are allowed inside the temple premises. Also camera or mobile accessories are not allowed but an armoire is provided to every group of tourists.
  • Nizam’s Museum: A must visit place in your list should be the Purani Haveli, where the antique collectables are kept. Should be the Nizam’s Museum. The Museum holds the oldest of the Nizam’s belongings. The interesting collection gets you open-eyed. Do visit it.

Taste of Hyderabad: If you want to set your ride for Hyderabad, get prepared to eat the spiciest food you have ever eaten. The city serves with roadside chats, rasam, chepala pulusu and gongura mutton. The city also has taste buds for heavy non-vegetarian dishes. Its most famous dish is biryani. Do try it on your visit.

Hotels to Stay: Hyderabad is the city of tourists and so it includes many luxurious as well as sober stay-inns. All the minor and major roadsides have these hotels that offer places to stay. Some may even help you with a tourist guide to ease your visit.

Places to Shop: The city once was the place where Kohinoor was kept. Now it is famous for its pearls and handicrafts. You can buy them from any street market or sophisticated malls. Hyderabad’s art is predominant among the native crowd and this also illustrates in the clothing of the people there.

Languages Spoken: If you want to travel on your own, then you must know the languages that are spoken in Hyderabad. Mainly you will find Telegu and Urdu speaking people. It’s not necessary to have the entire language’s knowledge. But you should be having a little knowledge enough to communicate with the localities.


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