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Diwali celebrations has become an annual affair at the White House too. However, no place can celebrate this great Indian festival as Indians and that too in their own land. Now you can have this unique festive experience, as Tripbeam is offering great flight rates to India. It is the best time to visit your friends and family back home. It is also the best time for those who’ve been long planning their first trip to India- the land of festivals. The atmosphere around is just euphoric.Visit any place; Bombay or Delhi, Hyderabad or Chennai; the hustle and bustle is worth being a part of.Trip beam has on offer money saving Round Trip deals from USA to India during Diwali. Listed in the table below are our flight prices from various US cities:


  TO Round Trip Fare for December





DEL $1,008





BLR/HYD/MAA $1,174













  If you are still doubtful, here’s what a trip to India will offer you at this time of the year. A glimpse of how Diwali is celebrated in the top 4 metropolitan cities of India:
Delhi: Delhi is known to have the best Diwali celebrations throughout the country. The celebrations start from Dussehra itself.Shops and showrooms are decorated with bright lights. People wear new clothing and gifts are exchanged with family and friends. Houses are decorated and on the occasion of Diwali, Lakshmi puja is done. In some households, a silver coin is immersed in a glass of milk and then milk is lightly sprinkled in all the rooms of the house. In Delhi card parties are typical around the Diwali time.
Mumbai: Mumbaikars celebrate the festival of lights with great pomp and show. The spectacular fireworks on display at the Marine Drive are a memory to take with you for life. The entire city is illuminated with glittering lights. As it is home to the Indian Film Industry, there are many celebrity galas and mega Diwali parties organized all across the city. The Diwali celebrations in Mumbai may not be as traditional as it can get but it indeed is the most glamorous and colorful.
Bangalore: The spirit of festivity is no less in Bangalore. The city’s busy IT population takes a time off to relax. There are gala events organized at work places. Streets are flooded with sweets, lights and crackers. The people devotedly worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha to seek peace and prosperity in their lives.The festival in the state of Karnataka is known as Kaumudi Deepam or Dipalika also, and is celebrated for a period of 5 days. It is an exceptional feeling to be a part of the traditional celebrations in the city.
Hyderabad: The city with an astounding Muslim celebration is all lighted up during the Diwali time. Hindu festival is celebrated with great gusto by both Hindus and Muslims population. There are 5 day continuous celebrations. Gifts are exchanged, sweets are distributed, streets and markets as well as homes are lighted with diyas and candles. In Hyderabad a distinctive custom followed around Diwali is that of decorating paper figures and hanging them around.The celebrations are Nawabi, and have to be as it is the city of Nizams after all.
Chennai: In Chennai unlike other places, Diwali rituals start in the morning. Diwali in South India is celebrated one day before the North India celebrations. A holy bath is a ritual that is followed by all Tamilians; they wake up early, apply oil and then take a dip in a nearby water source. This is done as a symbol of warding off all evil. Rest the fire-crackers and distribution of sweets is a part of celebration that is common all across the country.

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