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They say there’s a first time for everything – and flying isn’t too far! Nobody boards up a business class flight every day, unless you are some sort of business tycoon. With first time flying dilemma, there comes a lot of things in one’s mind; including the dos and the don’ts. So here’s a short and simple guide for all those first time flyers. Simply put your mind to ease now so that you enjoy your flight as you prepare for the take-off.

Your flight experience can be cut short in 4 parts: Before departure, In the flight, On arrival and On airport. Let’s keep it rolling and give you a brief knowledge about your soon-to-happen flying experience.

Before departure Before departure, one has to deal with a lot of things (the important one’s!) along with your anxiety and the jitters about flying. But take a look at the following list and give yourself some relief:

Travel Documents: Make sure you have carried all important travel documents with yourself while heading off for airport. These documents are; ticket (make sure your ticket is confirmed), boarding pass (don’t forget to get your boarding pass from the ticket counter at airport by showing your e-ticket). If you’re flying internationally then make sure you have your passport, visa and health clearance issued to you!

Health Consent & Insurance: While travelling by land or air, its always recommended to get a health consent and insurance. Health consent is specially required if you have some serious ailment, or if you are travelling abroad. Similarly travel insurance helps securing your travelling experience by taking care of any expenses that might be add-on if in case you fall sick.

Baggage: While travelling by flight you must understand that there are two types of baggage; Hold baggage and Hand baggage. Hold baggage is your major luggage which has big items for check-in such as your suitcase, and you must check with your airline the weight limit of hold baggage else you will be charged for extra weight. Similarly hand baggage is what you can carry while boarding the aircraft; some handy things you might need during your flight.

On Arrival: At Airport Once your aircraft has landed at the airport, stay calm and let your fellow passengers go first. Since this is your first time flying, you shouldn’t rush-in to pick up your luggage.

Security Clearance: When you land at the airport, you will head forward to get security clearance and then baggage claim. The security persons will check your passport; also make sure you keep your boarding pass and other necessary proofs handy.

Get Your Luggage: Once you have checked-in you can go ahead to pick up your luggage. The screens in the airport show the flight number and baggage carousel where your baggage will be slided off. So you can wait for your luggage to come, and once you have collected it, you can leave airport (if travelling nationally) or go through the customs clearance (if travelling internationally). For customs clearance, you must know that inspection is a common procedure so doesn’t lose your calm if the security personnel go through your luggage.

Hopefully these tips will help solve your first time flying dilemma to a great extent. Happy Flying!


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