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  What are your expectations from any trip you make? Scenic vistas to please your eyes, some good cultural exchange, a relaxing lodging, fun recreational activities, some cool shopping, and food indulgence, right? While the purpose of traveling may vary from person to person, occasion to occasion, but more or less these expectations remain the same. Especially, that of trying some mouth-watering food delicacies, because not matter if you are traveling for work or taking a leisure trip filling the tummy with good food is a necessity. Moreover, some people travel the world to try out the true flavors of different cuisines alone. So for them, here’s an interesting compilation of America’s best cities for foodies-   Seattle: It has been one of the best coffee destinations in the US, however, is increasingly gaining popularity for the amazing beer and donuts too. The neighborhood cafes give a warm home like feel, but the amazing pastries you'll have the privilege to taste are no less than prepared at world-class bakeries. However, one food stop that cannot be missed on your Seattle visit is Pike’s Place. best coffee destinations in the US   Don't Miss: 5 Best Food Trends in Airlines   Boston: Boston is known for some great breweries. So for the wine tasters, this is definitely one of the best US destinations for a relaxing holiday. Enjoy a pint in the cool Boston weather, and then go for a ghost tour or ice skating. Not that there is any dearth of the iconic places to be seen in Boston. And while you explore the city, you can grab cheap meals prepared with fresh cheese and veggies that come from local farms. breweries   Houston: The place is popular for the most irresistible burgers throughout the States. You just cannot stop singing praises of the Mustard-spread big boys burger at Lankford Grocery, or the sliders in Little Bigs. The city also ranks high in offering great wine. To break-free from traditional American food, you may try the recently opened Dak & Bop, that does this amazing Korean-style chicken. traditional American food   Atlanta, Georgia: This place has got the largest drive-in restaurant in the world- The Varsity. The place is known for its amazing hot dogs. There are many other upscale places like the Buckhead Diner, Mary Mac’s Tea Room etc.where you can enjoy some excellent delicacies in the Georgian food hub. Georgian food hub   Philadelphia: If you ever want to try out the best cheesesteak in the world, fly to Philadelpia. In Philly, you probably be surprised when you’ll have to spend lavishly on street food too. But trust us it is all worth it. Barclay Prime, Dizengoff, Charlie Was a Sinner, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza are few of the key places to look out for to enjoy the food experience in the city. best cheesesteak in the world   Must Read: The Indian Street Story: Eat, Splurge & Celebrate   Washington D.C.: It is needless to say, a food tour to the USA is incomplete without exploring the capital city. From great Indian cuisine to the finer Spanish tapas, or the best fast food in USA; you can enjoy it all in Washington D.C. Grab a street side bagel or sip an exotic color changing cocktail at Barmini, savory surprises for your tongue all along! best fast food in USA   If food be your sole motivation to travel, the above US cities will certainly not disappoint. Give in to the temptation, and enjoy a delicious holiday in one or all of these food destinations.

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