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  There is a huge number of airports in the United States of America catering to domestic as well as international air-traffic. Though not all of them qualify as user-friendly airports with even basic amenities to satisfy the travelers, they in fact leave them all disgruntled. However, the number of such shames in the name of airport are quite less. United States has a largest airports in the world, to be precise big international airports, which for their chaos and mismanagement have made it to the list of the worst airports. And it is not surprising that the list that includes airports from around the world feature quite a few names of top US Airports.   But then, these cannot take away from the other bright side of picture. The country that is forever welcoming new visitors all year round, and has thousands of domestic flights running busy every day; boasts of many a A-class airports, with top notch amenities and super fine customer services. Given below is a list of Top US Airports:   San Francisco International Airport (SFO) San Francisco International Airport An airport with an aviation museum, a yoga room, rotating art exhibitions is sure not a dull place to be at in case of short flight delays, which too won’t happen too often. The San Francisco International Airport is one of the best in the whole of USA and boasts of top-notch amenities, including well curated selection of restaurants and cafes in there. If budget is no issue, you’d sure be tempted to splurge a bit on shopping even before your holiday begins. This is the 7th busiest airports in the world and the best airlines fly from here.   Denver International Airport (DEN) Denver International Airport Another ever busy airport, the Denver International Airport is also counted among the best not for the number of flights that take-off from here each day. It is due to the top notch facilities it provides to the fliers that has made it such a busy airport in the first case. The airport has around 140 shops in its complex, and will keep the visitors (passengers) happy exploring around with its unique art program which is billed as the best in the nation. You can find flights to more than 20 international airports taking off from here each day.   Don't Miss: Where to Live in USA for Cheap?   Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW) Dallas-Fort Worth International Texas is known for the big and the extravagant. The Dalaas Fort Worth International keeps up to this reputation in every way. From lounges with classy leather armchair to suites to rent, if you are luxury lover the airport will keep you elated. Besides this, there are facilities like a yoga studio, Children’s play areas, XPress SPa, and “Relax Zones” at the airport. Needless to say you’ll find good eating places out there too.   Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport If you have a connecting flight from Minneapolis to India, this stop over will have your batteries recharged entirely. The Minneapolis- Saint Paul International features as one of the best airports in USA . Spread across 3,400 acres, this airport has been among the most awarded airports for its safety, fiscal management, design, marketing and communications. It has been also ranked as the third best domestic airport in World Best Airport listing of Travel+ Leisure. You may not find direct flight options to your international destination from this airport, but it is a comfortable choice to connect you and fly to those that will.   Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) Salt Lake City International Airport The Salt Lake City International airport has from years continued to rank high in terms of on-time departures and arrivals. The flight cancellations have also been very low at this airport amongst the other us international airports. This airport is essentially a Delta flights hub, but has many other top airlines also running their international flights from here like Air Canada, JetBlue, United Airways etc. The amenities are top class and it is therefore one of the regulars among the customer choice best airports in the US.   Besides these The Long Beach Airport (LGB), Nashville International Airport (BNA), Tampa International Airport (TMP), Indianapolis International Airport (IND) also rank among the decent US airports to fly from outshining the big names like the O’Hare International or the JFK, which unfortunately are rated as the worst.

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