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Traveling alone can be an incredible experience. Alas! For women, things become twisted. Without a man by our side, we are vulnerable creatures; especially in a foreign land. But can that stop us from having a life of our own? Stop us from making our own independent decisions? Or cease us from exploring the beauty and mystery of the world? NO! Most definitely, not. The world anyway is a dangerous place. We live each day waking up to in-numerous stories of violence and human atrocities. These stories are from all across the globe. Men too are subjected to the brutality of humankind (though the numbers are far less than women), But then do we leave this violent planet and shift to a safer place; do we have an option like that? No, Right? Staying home or traveling a far, the risk of an unwanted tragedy is ever present. It’s silly to be afraid and not live our lives. Do what you love, if traveling is what makes you happy, be it so. Don’t curb your interests. Pack your bags and get going… Some safety tips you might like to scroll through: 1. Research: Gather maximum amount of information about the place you are intending to visit. Knowing the place and its whereabouts well in advance will make you a confident vacationer, and less susceptible to dangerous gawking eyes. 2. Make a Detailed Travel Itinerary: Jot down the places you are going to visit, how you are going to get there and make your way back. Include a time chart and make sure you follow it. 3. Dress like the local women: ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ Make this your travel mantra. Engage in talking to the local women, observe them. Dress like them. This will save you from attracting unwanted attention. 4. Have a man’s faux presence with you: If they think a man’s presence with us makes us safe. Okay! Let’s just pretend to have one with us all the time. The point I am trying to put across is that even if you are alone, you can always give an impression to the on lookers of your male companion joining you any moment. For example pretend talking to your imaginary husband on phone, giving him the directions to reach you. 5. Avoid Stranded Places: It is obvious why you should avoid stranded places. Being alone, you will be an easy prey to the lustful monstrous, hidden somewhere out there. Once caught, rescuing yourself from their glitches would a challenge without any third party’s intervention. 6. Don’t Place Your Bets on Over-Crowded Places Too. Extremely crowded places too should be avoided, as molesters find great opportunity to wag their hands around women without shame at such places. The offender can easily run away, and at times you can’t even pin point who the miscreant is in a mob like situation. 7. Keep Your Escapades Limited to Day Light It is a misconception that crimes against women happen only at night. However the fact that it is convenient to commit such heinous acts in those dark hours cannot be over-looked. In the day time you can be more vigilant. So as far as possible, finish all you sight-seeing and visitations before it starts getting dark. Hope the tips help. Bon voyage!

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