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Top Places to visit in Chennai

If you do not have a problem from sun and love to enjoy some warmth for the hearts. And if you prefer to see the rich cultural background over lush greenery, then Chennai is the city for you to go on a holiday. Chennai is not only the fourth largest city in India but also thirty-six metropolitan cities the world over. Due to its rich heritage and tradition the city is known as the cultural capital of India. This city was established by the British in the 17th century and was known as Madras. However, the city is full of great architecture and this architecture is the evidence that the city had a great historical past. So, if you are planning a holiday to Chennai why not read this before you Book a Flight from Toronto to Chennai?

Marina Beach

Marina Beach Marina beach is the second longest beach in the world and is the first place people usually visit after landing to Marina beach. If you like to capture either sunset or sunrise you must visit this place as both sunset and sunrise are picturesque here. This place is also for the one who seeks adventure as Marina beach provides some sports activities like fishing, wind surfing, and beach volleyball.

Connemara Public Library

This library was established in the year 1896. you can find many rare collections in the library. The library includes a periodic hall, a video room, and a reference hall. The books housed here is really impressive and cater one's need. This library is one among the four national depository libraries in India that receive the copy of all the newspapers, periodicals and published books in India.

National art gallery

National Art Gallery, Chennai This building was established in 1907. the red sandstone structure is the evidence of the Indo sarcastic structure. It has four sections and they are, Tanjore painting gallery, Ravi Varma painting gallery, Indian traditional gallery and decorative art gallery. Those who love art or are the artist are going to love this place. Some are preserved here are of the 11th century. The place also has a rock and cave art gallery with the screen in the caves to make the sessions more interesting.

Breezy Beach

Breezy Beach, Chennai Chennai is full of beaches. Marina is the longest one but this Breezy Beach attracts tourists too. The Breezy Beach holds attractions for the unpolluted atmosphere. The beach is situated in Valmiki Nagar, Chennai. This Beach is serene as it is untouched by commercialization. This is one perfect place for a breeze walk and to enjoy warm sunsets. People love to swim here and you can even go on a boat ride, it’s fun.

Pulicat lake

Pulicat Lake This is a must visit place when you are in Chennai. Chennai isn’t green and you won’t find places which will take you close to nature but this place being different needs a sure visit. This lake will give you the pleasure of nature. Hence, taking a time away to be in this lake is important. This lake is located on the border of Tamil Nadu. Boat rides are very popular here and you can have a relaxed and a serene day by the lake. This is also a great place for bird watching and fishing. For pure bird watching, you can visit Nellapattu bird sanctuary which is located near the lake.

Government Museum

Government Museum, Chennai This museum is also known as the Egmore museum and is the second oldest museum in the country. The first is the Kolkata's famed Indian museum. It consists of Children's museum, national art gallery, and contemporary art gallery, in addition to few more. This museum house one of the worlds richest collections of bronze artifacts from 10th 12th century Cholas. It also has paintings of Raja Ravi Varma.

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Victoria Public Hall

Victoria public Hall This place is also known as a Town Hall. Victoria Hall is the hard work of Robert Chisholm, an amazing architect who has designed some of the cities best structures. This was built in 1887 in Romanesque style to honor Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. This hall has hosted many unique events and also has screened the first cinema show in the city. The beautiful fountain in the front of the public hall known as the Trevelyan Fountain was built to honor the contribution of Charles Trevelyan, the then Governor of the city.

Ripon building

Ripon Building This is one of the finest neoclassical building. It is situated near to the railway station. This building houses the most iconic Westminster quarter chiming clock.. this was build in honor of Lord Ripon. This is a must visit place for its colonial elegance.

So now you have the list of the places to go in Chennai as soon as you land India. Trust us you won’t regret your trip to Chennai, We wish you a happy journey and a memorable stay.


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