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Whether you are a huge tech person or not, everyone wants to know every little details about the place they are visiting. Even though you might have visited the place before and did not get a chance to visit and see all the important places or want to relish on a particular dish, that your friends posted on social network and that too in a particular restaurant. In all those cases, all you need are those apps that with provide you with information, whenever you need it. Below is the list of 8 free apps that you must install before going on another trip.
DuoLingo duolingo_review_featured More than 25 million people are learning different languages like Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch etc from this DuoLingo app. If latest studies are to be believed, spending 34 hours on Duolingo can give same writing and reading capabilities as a 130+ hour university semester. This app monitors your progress and identifies your mistakes and helps to test your weaker skills. Great app for long journeys and its totally free.
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Stay in touch through Viber / WhatsApp A-comparison-between-the-features-of-Viber-and-WhatsApp-two-of-the-most-popular-mobile-messaging-apps.   Stay in touch with your friends and family with the help of these two apps. Viber and Whatsapp allows you to send text, images and videos to your loved ones. Whatsapp even allow you to send pre recorded voice messages. With both Whatsapp and Viber, you can make voice calls at super cheap rates. So, no excuses for not calling your mom, when on holiday. Download these apps free from app store.
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Get un-lost: Google Maps  Google-Maps Getting lost in a strange place is not fun at all and if you are a solo traveller, it is definitely scary for the moment. Carrying the paper maps, that screams out tourist will attract unwanted attention. Simplest thing to do is download google maps on your gadgets and use them to find your way back. Install a GPS in your hired car or download required maps in your gadget and use it offline for 30 days. Download latest version on app store.
AccuWeather IMG_00000150 Holidays are not always weather dependent but it might be a great help if you know what kind of weather prevails in the region you are headed to. AccuWeather is a great app that will help you to get needed information about the weather. It gives the minute details even to the exact street address.
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GateGuru gateguru Fill in the airport and terminal details and Gateguru will let you know about the services, stores, eateries nearby. Fill in your flight details and it will let you know about the whereabouts of the flight and the gate it will land to. Use Gate­Guru before you get in the security line so you know what options lie beyond the scanners (Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch; free).
Seat Guru SeatGuru-App You have reached the airport without a seat assignment or they have switched aircraft and have given you a lousy seat. Worry not, Seat Guru is here to help you. Fill your flight number and it will show you the plane’s seat map. Find the seats that are available and study their pros and cons and make a wise choice. Seat Guru’s advice is not always accurate. Download this app on app store.
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Google Translate Google-Translate-screenshot The killer new feature launched by google for International travellers, is the Conversation mode. Open the app and hold the device between two people speaking two different languages, Google translate will translate the conversation live. There may be a lag and mistranslation problem for some time but it is certainly better than trying to get message through frantic hand waving.
Uber  Th Uber Technologies Inc. car service application (app) is demonstrated for a photograph on an Apple Inc. iPhone in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014. For San Francisco-based Uber Technologies Inc. which recently raised $1.2 billion of investors' financing at $17 billion valuation, New York is its biggest by revenue among the 150 cities in which it operates across 42 countries. The Hamptons are a pop-up market for high-end season weekends where the average trip is three time that of an average trip in New York City. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images Uber is a gret app that is available in more than 44 countries and 130 cities. Just open the app like you will do when at home and order a car. After booking, it will show you the estimated time with a courtesy message. A message will pop up that will show you the details of your driver with his name, contact and photo. Attach the app to your bank account and you are not required to carry cash. In Asia, Uber cars are much more expensive, so just check all the fare details and avoid ruining your holiday with a nasty bill.

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