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USA, the land of the FREE! USA amazes its visitors with a myriad of travel-junkie attractions. It is one hauntingly beautiful countries across the globe! Offering visitors with a staggering array of the breathtaking attractions, beautiful beaches, amazing road trips, phenomenal wildlife and spectacular scenery, USA is home to many natural vistas.

Among the best luxury vacation spots in the world, United states have multifarious of lavish and luxury getaways for people with deep pockets! So wait no more, book business class tickets from India to the USA and luxuriate yourselves with these 7 of the finest luxury destinations in the United States!

Hawaii, The Big Island


This big island is much secluded than the other of the Hawaiian Islands! You will come across the high-end spas, hotels, and retreats to soak yourselves into the sprinkle of luxury. The Big Island suits the best adventure seeking vagabonds who do not want to stay being holed up in an extravagant retreat! This place is just about perfect for some romance and luxury.

This Big Island boasts just about everything, luxury, beaches, snow-covered mountains, hardened lava deserts and lush rainforests!

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If you are affluent enough to afford the pricey airfares, Maui will cater you with endless ways to pamper yourselves at the high-end and lavish resorts, elegant restaurants and segregated sands. Maui’s breathtaking and picturesque landscapes and a vast array of adventurous activities cater to the beach-goers and thrill-seekers alike! The Island of Maui has everything in the store- ritzy resorts, elite activities, and a plethora of creative ways to lap up entire luxurious attributes!

Napa Valley

napa valley

Wines, vines and the crowd who loves them are central to the economy of Napa Valley! In this Californian wine country, people have access to all the luxury, world class cuisines, top tier vintages and spectacular views overlooking the vineyards. Step onto Napa Valley Wine Train and prime your palate or just venture to the O’Brian Winery Estate to continue your pedagogy in viticulture! If you can afford this California wine country, you will be back here for more!

San Francisco


The city of San Francisco appeals and tempts to foodies, nature seekers, and globetrotters with the eclectic vicinity, picturesque natural landscape, and vibrant art scenes. It is certainly more mellow than the city of Angels, Los Angels, but the house of Golden Gate Bridge has still lots of the cosmopolitan charms! Catering a vast array of luxurious retreats and hotels, San Francisco is a jumbled collage of vibrant neighborhoods and breathtaking views!



Luxurious spas, resorts, flowing fairways and lip-smacking high-end restaurants, Kauai is beckoning travelers to its golden shores all year around! It is one of the finest and exclusive islands in the hyped Hawaiian Chain, of course, the most expensive one also. Be prepared to pay a steep and high price for island’s wide-ranging views! But you surely won't regret it.

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Honolulu-Oahu caters historical sites, white sand beaches, and natural wonders, featuring an ideal spot for the travel junkies for a perfect balance of exploration and relaxation. For the people seeking for some surfing fun, they can catch out the sun and splendor at the Waimea Bay, while the history explorers can wander around elegant Iolani palace! Amidst the luxury, Honolulu has pristine blue waters and the meandering hikes!

Martha Vineyard

Sitting and relaxing pretty some miles off the clean coast of Cape Cod, this Martha Vineyard is certainly the summer getaway for elite superstars and politicians alike! Despite, the high-profile traffic, the Martha still manages to remain laid back! Of course, you did not expect lobsters dinners accompanied by breathtaking oceanic views at a cheap price!

We bet you are currently in the mood to splurge on the next vacation of yours! The journey should also be as luxuriant as the destination itself, therefore, we present you with business class tickets to the US for redefining the luxury travel! Be prepared to get pampered like never before!


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