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Being the largest city of Canada, its a no-brainer that Toronto is the favorite and most traversed destination about both international and national travelers. Throughout the Greater Toronto Area and the city proper, vagabonds are blessed with a plethora of attractions, activities, events and sights to keep themselves engaged through out their stay in this charm of Canada. Exhibiting perfect blend of stunning architecture, history, modernity, entertainment, education, patios and so much more, Toronto makes for an amazing city or rather the perfect contender for being the ‘city of dreams’! Book your last minute air tickets to Toronto from India, explore distinctive cultural aspects and learn what makes this city the favorite amongst vagabonds. Places to visit in Toronto We have penned few things which travelers simply can’t afford to miss out while in Toronto!

CN Tower

CN Tower Being Toronto’s most iconic attraction, CN Tower is for all the daredevils out there in Canada. Standing 553 meters tall, this tower is undoubtedly an engineering marvel, home to top-notch and amazing dining and entertainment potentials. Not only enchanting visitors with its amazing and breathtaking vistas of the city, but there is shopping, there is a 3-D theater and of course, there is unlimited fun. Offering 360 degree views of Toronto from its iconic and world-famous glass floor, its a bliss to all the thrill seekers out there.

The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum This Royal Ontario Museum is certainly a must-visit place for the history buffs. Since it’s establishment this museum hosts more than 6 million artifacts making it to be one of the largest museum in the world. This museum features vast array of relics on display, including ancient Roman sculptures, dinosaur bones, Chinese temple art and also exhibits on country’s First Peoples. With plenty to see here, you need to plan your time here wisely else you’ll get stuck wandering the place longer than what you might have expected. With plethora galleries to enjoy, you can easily spend your entire vacation in this museum and still not gel hold of all its wonders.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma Travel back in time and marvel one of the country’s most amazing castles. This Gothic-style estate dates back to the advent of 20th century, you can discover the suits illuminated in the period style, stables, towers, secret passages and acres of beautiful gardens. On the prime floor you will find the library, great hall, billiard room, conservatory and sir Henry Pellatt’s(originator) study with the mahogany panels concealing secret doorway on either sides of the fireplace. Go for a self guided tour of this amazing and elegant home and we bet you won’t return disappointed.

Ontario Science Centre

Ontario Science Centre Those young at heart, not to forget the elderly with tender heart, would have a special empathy for this Ontario Science Centre. If you are seeking for a good learning experience which is more than just reading the placard after placard, this is the place to be! Primarily focusing on natural and scientific world exhibits, this place provides both kids and adults alike open-ended experiences to satisfy their innovative, creative and learning urges.

Toronto Hockey Hall Of Fame

 Toronto Hockey Hall Of Fame Proudly sitting in the heart of downtown Toronto, Hockey Hall of Fame documents beautifully the history of country’s favorite pastime ‘hockey’ both as a hall of fame and a museum. No trip to Toronto is concluded without the pinch of hockey in one or another way. Regarded as the unofficial religion of Canada, hockey is very close to the natives. This place has something for people of all ages like hockey artifacts, vast array of interactive displays, themed exhibits and multimedia stations.

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands When you are desperately in need for a break from the buzz of city life, hop onto a ferry to Toronto Islands! This compilation of islands offers a welcome touch of green to Toronto’s skyscraper speckled mainland. The cluster of three islands, Ward’s, Algonquin and Centre are interconnected and you need not worry about of getting off the boat to relish Toronto Islands. All of these islands are car-free which makes them a perfect place for bike ride, peaceful stroll or picnic. Said to be the reflection of Canada, Toronto proudly holds the label of the most multicultural city on this planet! Though there’s plenty to see in Toronto, but these 6 places are surely not to be missed. We know after you are done with making memories by exploring the best city of Canada, all you look back to is home sweet home! Catch hold of last minute flights to India and be lost in the beautiful memories of Canada.          

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