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Gone are those days when people used to rent cars for vacation transportation purpose, things have changed a lot now. The car rental industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Earlier Airport rentals use to be the main revenue driver, but after sometime it got flat. Now a days the “Home-City” rental market has become the main reason for car rental industry’s growth.

Home-City car rental service is growing because of several reasons. Some people need huge-truck for moving across the town. Some need a comfortable hauler for cross-country family road trip or for furniture shopping. And some like to spend their fun-filled night out by hitting the road in a glamorous high-end cruiser.   Whether you are renting a car to reach airport on time or renting for personal use. Here we have got some tips that will help you out when renting a car.   1. Check the internet These days we get almost everything on internet and that too on best rates. Buying online will  give you the luxury to see what rates look like on any vehicle your heart desires and the best part is you don’t have to face the unnecessary selling pitches of the salesperson.  Online shopping gives you the opportunity to avail discounts and offers, as many companies offer special discounts and attractive offers to people who rent online. Remember one thing, rates will vary from company to company and it also depends on vehicle, location and other factors. But while considering the rates, you should also consider the hours of operation of that particular company. You will surely get some cheap all inclusive car rental USA on internet. all inclusive car rental florida

2. Opt Weekend Rental

If you can schedule your rental arrangement for weekends, then your pocket will be eternally grateful, as rates are typically cheaper on weekends. A survey revealed that if you rent a car on weekdays, it will cost you a lot but on weekends it’s just half. So save your money and rent a car on weekends.

3. Insurance - Think Twice

Before accepting and paying for the insurance, you should always check with your own insurer directly regarding rental car coverage,because insurance policies can vary considerably. If you have minimum legally permissible coverage then it may not include coverage for rental car but if you have full coverage then it certainly is inclusive. So before taking any step, do call your insurer and find it out.  

Travel Insurance


4. Try to Book Early

Ya! Ya! You must be thinking its a cliche, but its not- Early bird does get much cheaper rates than everyone else. For getting the best car rental deals check all inclusive car rental Florida offers for saving more on your trip. Mostly rates depends on how many vehicles the company has on the lot at the time the rental is made. Reserve your car a week before your trip. The sooner, the better!  

5. Prepaid Gas- Think Twice

Generally, renters have two choices when it comes to fuel. Either they can pay in advance for full tank of gas and bring the vehicle empty, or you can refuel it yourself just before returning the vehicle. If you don’t want to go to the gas station or want to avoid a last-time rush, then paying in advance for gas is convenient. But if you don’t wish to use the entire tank of gas, then paying for gas in advance will cause you to pay for more fuel than you have actually consumed. Think about your pocket; prepaying is a complete NO NO.  

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6. Beware- Great Deals on Larger Vehicle

As compact vehicles are always in great demand, many rental car companies offer you free-upgrades to a larger vehicle, so that their large vehicles don’t remain parked at the agency only. If you genuinely need some extra space in your car, then you can opt for the offer and enjoy the deal. But if you don’t need any extra space then it’s cheaper to decline. Larger vehicles do burn large quantity of fuel, so the free-upgrade offers may eventually cost you more; you will wind up paying for it at the pump.  

7. Avoid Airport Pickups

Rental car airport pickup can turn out to be more expensive due to taxes and fees. To save your money , you should try to make your pick up at nearby neighborhood locations. A recent study has shown that renting at an airport costs more than 11.5 % where as renting at a neighborhood location will cost you much cheaper. So, try to avoid airport pickups or check out some best car hire deals.  

Avoid Airport Pickups


8. Traveling with kid? Bring your own Child Safety Seat

Save your money and bring your own child safety seat. Car Rental companies charge a lot for child safety seat, therefore, on the whole the rented car will cost too much for you. So avoid extra charges and save some coins by bringing your own child seat.  

child safety seat


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9. Camera’s are not just for Vacation Snaps

If you are renting a car from off-brand rental agency or smaller rental agency, then always click pictures of the vehicle before you drive off. Inspect wheel rims, bumper and fenders. Carefully look for small dings on doors or crack in glass. Don’t forget to check the interior thoroughly, look for scratches on car seats and floor-mats. Click images of everything, so that car rental company doesn’t create a fraudulent claim for any damage that was already done before you hired the car.  

vacation snaps


10. Watch Out For Hidden Costs

Before driving off, make sure that all charges have been revealed and there are no hidden charges that the rental company will ask for. Keep in mind that some rental companies carry an incremental charge for picking up your car in one location and dropping it in another; and sometimes they offer free mileage as part of the rental package, but check it before leaving the counter to avoid additional per-mileage charges.  

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