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It is inarguable that travelling by air is one of the most dangerous ways to travel because it is vulnerable to various machine problems, terrorism attacks and even natural disasters.Strict rules are followed in airplanes and at airports. Over the years various changes have been made in the rules and regulations of flying, there are some basic rules that are still being followed. Passengers have to deal with constant changes in baggage rules, airport security, rules and regulations etc. Despite to all this stuff, some tips can still be adopted to have a safe and hassle free flights.
Bring Entertainment: Always be fully loaded with entertainment items that will help you to pass time during the long flights. Books, magazines, paper, portable DVDs and games like playing cards should pass your time in a nice and enjoyable way.
Arrive on Time: Arriving on time at the Airport will help you a lot in having a smooth and carefree journey. Do check all the details about your flight and reach on time to catch your flight. Failing to do so, might end up waiting in long queues to check in or for adjusting the weight of your baggage.
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Fly on nonstop flights: Booking your tickets on nonstop flights might be a bit costly but that will give you a comfortable journey without having to wait on airports for connecting flights to reach your destination. Have a happy flight by flying on nonstop flights.
Listen to flight attendants: Always listen carefully to the instructions that are provided by the flight attendants. Flight attendants are very well trained before they have been assigned an actual plane. So, listen to what they say because they are experts and know how to handle every situation that happens on the plane.
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Avoid Drinking too much: Airline cabin is pressurizes at higher altitudes. So, if you are not drinking in moderation, you might end up feeling nauseated and dizzy. Just remember, drinking in moderation is good, be it in air or at sea level.
Choose larger aircrafts: Larger aircrafts tend to have better survival opportunities for passengers, in unlikely events. Aircrafts with more than 30 passenger seating capacity were all certified and designed under the strictest regulations. Get all the information about your aircraft before booking tickets.
Allow yourself to sleep: Some people always try to stay awake as much as possible in order to avoid the effects of jet lag. To avoid that kind of struggle, try to get a good sleep that will surely leave you refreshed and fully recharge you for the rest of your journey.
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Let flight attendants pour your hot drinks: Before being assigned to an actual plane, flight attendants are trained well to walk down the aisle and stand on a moving plane. So, allow them to pour your hot drinks to avoid any kind of accidents.
Keep your wits about you: When encountered any kind of an emergency situation while on a plane, first thing to do is to avoid panicking. Second thing to do is to listen to the flight attendants and follow the instructions being given by them without any further questions.
Dress comfortably: Dressing in loose, light yet classy clothes is best when you are about to travel internationally. And yes, do not forget to bring a blanket or a travelling pillow for extra comfort.

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