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The very thought of travelling with your toddler in a flight might leave you perplexed. While planning a trip with your young one, you’ll definitely have to take a few things into consideration. From packing your luggage to taking up the allotted seat in your flight; all of it may leave frazzled.

Vacation is that time of the year when you’ll want to dump all your stress down the drain and enjoy some quality time with your family. It’s obviously about making memories. In order to keep yourself from getting exhausted while travelling with your children, make sure you follow some easy steps. You don’t want yourself to be labeled as a family with boisterous & bawling children, getting scornful looks from the co-passengers.

With these simple pointers, you can avoid falling into ‘that’ category; also you can enjoy your flight and make the children feel comfortable.

While chalking out the itinerary of your vacation, keep the following things in mind:

1. Changing flights while travelling over long distances can turn out to be a hassle with children. Opt for direct flights. Try to avoid switching flights as much as you can. If changing a flight is inevitable, make sure your child isn’t restless before doing so.

2. While travelling to far away destination, make sure you dress up your children in comfy layers of clothes. Flights are often subjected to temperature fluctuations and might leave your child sick, washing away your dreams of a perfect holiday.

3. If you’re travelling in the holiday season, you’ll probably have to face a lot of crowd at the airport which might leave your child irritated. Make it a point to get your air tickets booked on time. Some regulations that you need to be aware about while travelling with a child are as follows:

  • According to the norms of most airlines, one adult can only take one lap-child with him. In case you’re travelling with two lap-children, for one of them you’ll have to avail an individual seat.
  • Some popular airlines often come up with air tickets at discounted prices for the children.
  • Not all airlines allow newborns on-flight; it is suggested to take a look at the age-bounds related to children before booking a ticket.
  • Strollers may be counted as extra luggage by some airlines. You might even have to pay extra.

4. While travelling with children, people always want the entire family to get seats nearby. For this, reservation of tickets needs to be done beforehand.

5. Visiting your child’s doctor a few days prior to taking the flight is a good thing to do. Make sure your kid stays healthy and does not fall sick while travelling.

With these simple points keep yourself and your children comfortable and happy. Make happy travelling memories with them.


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