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The Indian culture, applauded and acknowledged by travelers from all over the world is believed to be a palette of colorful experiences. The tales of India’s magnificent history has been reaching out to people in all corners of the world. Such is its appeal that travelers come drawn to our country every now and then. It is the India’s cultural set up that has generated a wave of curiosity among people settled in places outside its geographical bounds.

Not only is India loved by the tourists for its rich heritage and environmental chattels, the things that are available for a wayfarer here also receive a great amount of admiration. Experiences that a person can stand face-to-face with in India leave pleasant and permanent impressions on the mind.

To a globetrotter, every molecule of the Indian culture reaches out and pulls him to explore all dimensions of the country. India is a nation which embraces people from all walks of life. It has something to offer to every person who sets his feet here.

Talking of an Indian sojourn, I cannot miss mentioning the ‘story of our streets’. The streets form an integral part of the Indian tourism. From the scrumptious Indian delicacies to the colorful ‘bazaars’, everything about the Indian streets is just as pious to a traveler as are the beads of rosary to a monk. Inspite of the upcoming supermarket and mall culture, the love for Indian streets has not faded; nor with the locals neither with the travelers.

Here’s a peek-a-boo at the bright Indian Street Story which will give you an insight about the things you can experience in the streets of India:

1. The Food Affair in the Streets: From the piquant pav bhaajis to tasty puchkas, just everything that you can eat in the streets of India will rejuvenate your taste-buds. Every state in India has some typical flavor of its own. Let’s get you acquainted with the yummiest street foods of some Indian cities

  • The Flavor of Delhi: When it comes to food, how can we miss out the famous ‘Dilli ke Pakkwaan’? From the crowded streets of Chawri Bazaar, you’ll get tempting tikkis and chats. The famous ‘Paranthe wali Gali’ of Chandni Chowk is an added dollop for the foodies. Other Punjabi snacks like Chholle Bhature, Kulchas etc can also be enjoyed by a traveler at most local dhaabas in Delhi.
  • The Aroma of South: How can the famous idlis, upmas and vadas miss this list? From the filtered coffee to the delicious dosas, the streets in South will be flooded with small stalls that will offer you the authentic taste of South Indian food.
  • The Spirit of Mumbai: The tang of food that you’ll get on the streets of Mumbai is just unbeatable. When in Mumbai, you can just not miss the satiating and yummy vada paavs. Nothing can be more refreshing than munching on bhelpuri and paani puris while strolling on the Juhu Beach.
  • The Taste of Gujarat: Gujarat known locally as the ‘Jewel of the West’ has its streets loaded with the healthiest foods of all times. The light dhoklas, khandavi, chaas and thepalaas make appetizing street foods here.

Besides these states, all other cities of India are popular for some or the other street food. Mithais from Rajasthan, Kebabs from Lucknow, Momos from the East and Biryani from Hyderabad, all of them can be found on the streets.

Indulging in street food is a cult in India. For people traveling to India, these form an integral part of the holiday.

2. Bringing out the Shopaholic in you in the Streets: Besides food, shopping in the Indian streets is also an amazing experience. Street Shopping is a great way of collecting souvenirs. At a great price you can buy ethnic clothes, handicrafts and decorations from the Indian streets. Different states will have different things to offer you. Some of the finest places in India to go street shopping are:

  • Bangalore: Here you can find footwear, clothes and jewellery at astonishing prices.
  • Kolkata: If you want to lay your hands on some beautiful Bengali sarees, handicrafts and books, the markets of Kolkata are the best for you. With over 200 stalls to give you an amazing shopping experience are there in Kolkata.
  • Chennai: Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are loved by women a lot. Get the best of these sarees in Chennai.

Besides these Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune and Goa are the main cities where the street shopping cult is followed popularly.

3. Celebrations in the Streets: Volumes about the diversity of the Indian states have been said and told. The festivals that we celebrate here all year long seem fascinating to most travelers. Some people even plan their trips to India from far-off countries like USA, UK and Australia only to experience the interesting festivals that are celebrated here. Talking of the street festivals, the most popular festivals that people love indulging in are Holi and Ganpati Visarjan. Holi celebrated at Vrindavan is believed to be a colossal form of the festival with colors spreading smiles all over the streets. Ganpati Visarjan is also a festival where the spiritual bonding of the people can be seen the most. The city of banks, Varanasi is famous for its ‘Ghats’ and temples. The evening and morning prayers satiate the religious hunger of the devotees.

The street culture of India has been attracting travelers always. These are the benefactors of the world of good experiences which India has to offer to its tourists. An Indian vacation is about a lot of good food, souvenirs and historical monuments. If you’re all set to visit India, make sure you live its Street Story to the fullest.


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