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lustrious land of Capri is known for its vigor. Situated on the lush uplands, above the sea level, this magnificent town serves as an eye candy to its visitors. Draped with exquisite hotels and foliage all around, the town is worth visiting for the ones who wants to placate their soul.

Town is ballooned with small expensive hotels and shopping stops. There is no denying that the smashing island of Capri cost immensely to its visitors, still the expense factor does not discontinue the arrival of its guests. Tourists gleefully spend so much on Hotels and shopping. The locals prefer to avoid spending money on shopping as they are very well aware of the pricing strategy.

Capri is coupled with the port of Marine Grande, and the region easily accessible by a bus or a taxi. Zigzag roads up the cliff can lead you to another town of Anacapri. Hotels out there provide the transportation service to fetch the luggage to and from the port.

The centre of the town is more like a mesh of small lanes leading to and from a common path. These lanes are crammed with shopping stores of designer wear, tempting jewelry and fashion accessories. All these stores are beyond the budget of local mass. Some of the lanes will lead to cafes and restaurants. There you can find some affordable foodies. Next to the restaurants you will find a sequence of big-budget hotels. These hotels offer no less service as that of any 3 star or 5 star hotels.

Capri Escapade and its Whereabouts:

Santo-StefanoSanto Stefano: Santo Stefano is a huge church, founded in 13th century. The church consists of tall gothic interiors and possesses 3 apses. Carved in top notch architecture, the church allures its visitors to a great extent.

Faraglioni-RocksFaraglioni Rocks: The one who knows something about Capri must be aware of Faraglioni Rocks. There are 3 rocks climbing up the sea level and are standing in succession to one another. The names given to the rocks are Stella, Faraglione di Mezzo and Scopolo.

Certosa-di-San-GiacomoCertosa di San Giacomo: Cersosa di San Giacomo is a Carthusian Monastery founded by Giacomo Arcucci in year 1371. Relishing the heed of visitors, the monastery is placidly nestled in the arms of Capri Island. It consists of 3 main regions such as the women’s church, the pharmacy and the buildings for monks.

Giardini-di-Augusto Giardini di Augusto: Commonly known as Krupp Gardens, resting on the land of Capri, is a great cause of magnetism to the tourists. A trip to Capri is incomplete with paying a visit to the lush Gardens of Augustus.

Above mentioned is the smashing life of Capri. This glorious town is one of a kind and merits a visit by all eco-beauty seekers


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