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If you are a travel-buff, you would love to visit the City of London. Standing on the River Thames, the City is one of the oldest and most famous places of UK that attractS visitors from all across the globe. Whether it is in field of culture, art, dance, fashion, technology and ancient monuments, the City has contributed a lot more than one could ever think of.

When we talk of London, all what we can think about is its sky- scrapping buildings, ancient monuments and royal palaces. It is an old saying that ‘If you are tired of London, then you are tired of life; for there is in London, all that life can afford’. With this, we would like you to enjoy a literary ride which will equip you with information about our 3 days stay in the City of London.

As my friends and I had less time to plan our vacation, we opted for instant flight booking that could be available at affordable rates.


We stepped out of our hotel and took to visit the London’s most famous attraction, Buckingham Palace. It is the Palace for the Royal family which is open for public visiting between the months of June and October. But as our visit was in January, we could only take a look at the ‘Changing of the Guard’ that is hosted on every alternate day, at 11:30 A.M. Next we headed towards the Victoria Station. From there we took the bus for Westminster, which is also known as the Houses of Parliament. This royal palace stands since the 11th century. It was the abode for many Kings of London, thus having many historic stories attached to it. The astounding building of the Big Ben and the Westminster Abbey are also a major tourist spot here.

By lunchtime, we went forward for crossing the river by the Westminster Bridge. A complex including the Hayward Gallery came across. It is the Southbank Center. We had checked the schedule for free lunchtime concerts in the Queen Elizabeth Hall and took to watch a 3-D movie in the IMAX Cinema.


In the morning, we took the bus to West End. Here is the London’s biggest retail market, called the Oxford Street. You can shop for hours here and visit the entire stretch by using any of the four tube stations. Tottenham is in the East end and Marble Arch along the West. We found most of the electrical goods and departmental stores here.

Next stop spot was the Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, which is only at some steps distance from Soho. Soho is another Street that is right to the Oxford Street. The Leicester Square venues the British movie premieres while the Piccadilly Square holds the popular statue of Eros. You will find many visitors getting clicked at this place; we too were among them during our visit.

Next we headed towards the drinks area. Here the most famous ones are The Absolute Ice Bar and café Boheme. The former offers you a thrilling taste of vodka below zero degrees and the latter gifts you amazing cocktails. We went to the Bar Soho, which is famous for its half-priced drinks between 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. these bars are open every night and they make you tap your feet to the classic tunes of the 60s and 70s.


This was the third and also the last day of our London vacation. Though we were tired of dancing the previous night but still we couldn’t resist ourselves to visit the Notting Hills of West London. This place is full of famous antique selling stores that offer variety of classic clothing, jewellery and show-pieces. We witnessed immense crowd shopping there.

We took our move downwards for the South Kensington which along with neighbor Chelsea holds the UK’s most posh areas position. However the Kensington High Street includes the affordable market stretch which provides snacks. We walked down for the King’s Road where luxurious yachts and fashion boutiques were available at every corner.

For the rest of the day we went back to our hotel and packed our bags, ready to check out at next early morning. But we collected some information from the internet and the locals about other places to visit in this City of London. So you can try out checking in these areas too:

  • Aqua Nueva- Famous for its West End view and Champagne brunch.
  • Ushvani, Chelsea- Famous for relaxing spa treatments.
  • Odeon, Whiteleys- Movies can be watched from here with ordering food, made by the famous chef Rowley Leigh.

We were in love with the City of London and will surely visit it again. One can never get tired of living in London.


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