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What could be worse, than losing your all your luggage just at the start of an exciting holiday; or worse still losing on your return, those bags full of the amazing shopping you did. Standing at the carousel, and watching past everyone taking their bags and leaving, is such a pathetic situation to be in.   Not that you are sure to face this terrible thing ever, but chances are pretty high if you are flying by any of the following airlines: lost-luggage-300x222
-Envoy Airlines -Express Jet -Air Tran -Sky West -South West   These five have been rated the worst by U.S. Department of Transportation, for having the worst record of handling passenger luggage. The top offender Envoy Airlines, has also been rated as one of the least punctual airlines too. Given this repute, choosing these over any other for either cheap tickets or any other factor would not be a smart decision. Our-Planes-Image-962-x-440 It still would be a better idea to choose Delta Airlines or JetBlue, which are not amongst the prominent offenders. While JetBlue could be a preferred choice because of it’s free Wi-Fi facility, Delta Airlines also offer you to avail the services at nominal prices. Choose Delta airlines flight tickets from usa to india for the best experience.   But then, booking flights with any particular airline is no guarantee that your luggage will never be lost or misplaced. Misfortune strikes the best of best at times. It would thus be a better idea, to take some safety measure, in order to make sure,no matter which airline you fly with, whichever airport it boards from or de-boards; you do keep you luggage safe.   Interesting: Traveling to India from US for the First Time   Here are some useful tips: bd222fd5458f46e982de3b3f54dabfaf-08eb0d51ecdb4252b6dafa439f012479-0_1 - Do not keep old labels over your airbags, this can lead to confusions in the luggage sorting system.
- The baggage labels can sometimes come off. It would be wise of you to have your name over the bags. If you can also mention your mobile number.
- If you are flying to any other place, via United airlines flight from USA to India make sure your luggage is not locked. After 9/11 the luggage is checked thoroughly and if it cannot be opened fro inspection, chances are it just remains there.
- If you just cannot trust the airlines, how about shipping your bags via the likes of FedEx.
- Or if it’s not a long tour, to a distant place then, just carry your on flight carry bag.

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