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In our Indian culture, the key to our rejuvenating mornings is our Chai. The Indian states produce the world’s highest tea plantations and meeting our requirements every dawn and dusk. Chai Cuppa is the first thing which every Indian wants to have before going to work. But, exceptions are when we travel places outside India.

For travelers who fly across borders or even their hometowns, we have got a list of top 5 places which provide satisfaction to your tea fervor.

  • Assam, Tea GardenAssam: Ranked as the state producing highest plantations of tea in India, Assam delivers dark tea with delicious taste. With the famous name of ‘malty’, tea leaves from Assam are a must when you take a tour to the same. Also, hike to the big acres of CTC tea estates to witness the process of making black tea. Tea lovers would be mesmerized once they visit to the Jorhat, which is reckoned as the tea capital of the World.
  • Darjeeling, Tea GardenDarjeeling: Your one stop destination to the state known as the ‘Champagne of teas’, Darjeeling in West Bengal has the highest production of tea plantations, after Assam. Darjeeling tea leaves are of black, green, white and oolong colors. Tourists visiting here taste the nationally GI certified tea, famous as Darjeeling Tea. On your visit to Darjeeling, you can tour to the spacious tea gardens, established since the British Period, and also help picking the tea leaves with the locals.
  • Munnar, Tea GardenMunnar: On the beauty hills of Kerala, God’s Own Country, is Munnar that holds about 50 lush green tea plantations. Here are the Kanan Devan Hills which have seen the tea plantations, been swayed since the 1870s by the British. You can visit the world’s highest altitude tea ferns in Kolukkumalai, which is 40 kilometers from Munnar. Also, first Tea Museum to India is in Munnar which attracts many visitors all across the globe. Here you can take a look at the tea plantations and harvesting techniques been practiced since ages.

Other than India, there are some places outside which hold the exquisite tea plantations for their tourists who like to taste the tea flavor. We will discuss two countries, Japan and Sri Lanka here, as follow:

  • Japan, Tea PlantationJapan: Considered as a popular beverage, tea is extensively planted and consumed by the people of Japan. The Japanese culture produces both hot and cold tea leaves and considers it as an important activity. For tea lovers places such as Shizuoka, Kagoshima and Uji are most lovable as these are the highest tea plantation areas. Even when you visit to the restaurants, you’ll be served with tea along with regular meals. Tourists taste two types of tea in Japan, thick and thin. The best leaves are used for thick tea.
  • Sri Lanka, Tea PlantationSri Lanka: The Emerald Isle of Sri Lanka holds vibrant green tea plantations and the country’s economy up rises with it. Reckoned as the world’s fourth largest country to produce and export tea, Sri Lanka is one of the favorite for the tea loving tourists. They find Kandy the most favorite as it is center of tea production in the country. Other places, such as Nuwara Eliya, Matara, Badulla also produce tea leaves. On your visit here, do take a sip of the Ceylon black tea, which is the most popular beverage here. Also, your stay to the colonial-era plantation estates is provisioned by the Sri Lankan Administration.

For your love to tea, the world is full of places holding tea plantation estates. India has been at the top of the lists, also Japan and Sri Lanka as well. So, you can take a sip to any of the places mentioned above and refresh your souls every mornings as well as evenings with this popular beverage, Tea.


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