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The seventh largest country in the world, India is a land of rich and diverse flora and fauna. However, the total forest cover of the country is a poor 21% of the total land area, but the exotic plant and animal life found in them is rare and highly fascinating. A significant part of these … Continue reading Top 7 National Parks in India to Explore Nature


Quite a lame question it seems. Do you really need reasons that will justify traveling? Does the urge to do so, not comes naturally from within? Well, maybe it does, but you failed to recognize the voice or maybe you’ve tried to suppress the yearning to look beyond the windows of your self-constructed little world. … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel


Travelling to a new place is every Indian’s dream. Some travellers have that thirst of travelling that no other person deserves. Different types of travellers are there. Some are adventurous, those who like to explore places casual travellers won’t even dare to go; and some are casual travellers who just like to travel to different … Continue reading 10 Things About Travelling Abroad That Every Indian Must Know For Their Safety


Grief strikes the deceased’s family and friends, but if you are thinking of anything other than that…NO! Nothing more. It is not really a panic situation. Apart from the obvious sorrow death brings with itself there is not much of a negative consequence as far as the safety of the passengers or anyone else on … Continue reading What Happens if Your Pilot Dies On Flight


There are no set rules to follow when going on a vacation. The purpose of it anyway is to unbind oneself from all rules and restrictions; to have a relaxing time away from any responsibilities and pressure. However, exactly for this reason we can list down certain ways that a vacation can go completely wrong. … Continue reading 6 Ways to Tell You Are Vacationing Wrong


Traveling to a new place can always be exciting. What’s more exciting than that is, traveling solo. But wait!? Unless you belong to a family full of open minded people, there is no problem but if you have conservative Indian parents, then convincing your parents to let you travel alone could be a problem. It’s … Continue reading 7 Things Indian Parents Say About Solo Travel


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