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The seventh largest country in the world, India is a land of rich and diverse flora and fauna. However, the total forest cover of the country is a poor 21% of the total land area, but the exotic plant and animal life found in them is rare and highly fascinating. A significant part of these … Continue reading Top 7 National Parks in India to Explore Nature


Quite a lame question it seems. Do you really need reasons that will justify traveling? Does the urge to do so, not comes naturally from within? Well, maybe it does, but you failed to recognize the voice or maybe you’ve tried to suppress the yearning to look beyond the windows of your self-constructed little world. … Continue reading 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel


Big names have strong histories (read as ‘mysteries’ ) behind them. There always is an exciting story attached to any man, object or place who/which has carved an indelible mark for himself/itself in the histories of the world. And sometimes these stories are left untold, or deliberately hidden. The following American Landmarks too have such … Continue reading Hidden Secrets of 5 American Landmarks


Taj Mahal, the most beautiful and popularly known as the “Monument of Love” surely deserves a place in the 7 wonders of the world. Earlier this year, my family planned a trip to Agra. We started our journey from Faridabad and after our short visit to Vrindavan, we headed off to Agra by road. After … Continue reading My Trip to Agra


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