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  It seems like one of those things you can easily do without. Spending money on something, that might never be used, logically seems inappropriate. Totally right! Travel insurance is one of those seemingly useless things. And therefore, everyone has second thoughts about buying it. However, one cannot entirely undermine the security travel insurance brings with it. Unless, any of us is a superhuman (which I don’t think actually exist beyond the reel world) we never know when a catastrophe is going to hit.   cheap travel insurance from India to USA   It is therefore, a good option to buy travel insurance to deal with such unforeseen accidents. It provides various coverage to help us deal with the rarest of rare situations, which have a minimum possibility to occur, but if they do things will not go out of hand.   Given below are the four areas travel insurance covers:   - Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance - Baggage and personal items coverage - Emergency medical insurance - Accidental death or dismemberment insurance   The first two are quite common issues, travelers traveling by air come across. But the last two are the reasons you should fly all insured. Especially, if you are no more in your hay days, medical insurance becomes crucial. It is not a sign of pessimism but a rational move, to be prepared for any untoward situation when you have the option available. God forbid, you have a sudden cardiac arrest while on your flight to Chicago and have to be kept in the intensive care for a good couple of days, bearing all expenses in a foreign land all on your own can actually pave way for another attack. However, flying with a travel insurance from India to USA (includes medical coverage), things can be better taken care of. So, just for a while access how greatly beneficial travel insurance can be.    all inclusive holiday package   Don't Miss: 6 Luxury Hotel You’d Love to Stay At, On Your India Visit   Nonetheless, the key concern that travel insurance doesn’t come too cheap (costs almost 5% or more of your total trip expenses), makes it really difficult to forego the temptation of neglecting this add on expense. Hence, one must know when to give in to this urge and when it is not worth taking a risk.   When buying travel insurance is a must:   travel insurance   1.If you are traveling afar on a long haul flight. And also, if you are traveling to a place where weather  interruptions might cause flight cancellations. 2.If your itinerary is complex and will have you moving constantly from one place to another,  with multiple destination stays. 3.If you have booked an all inclusive holiday package 4.If you (or the person you are making the arrangements for) are above the age of 40, or                                          anyone who is on Medicare that does not cover your medical expenses outside the country.   When is it OK to go sans insurance:   1. If it is a short/domestic flight and you are not spending too much on the trip. 2. If there are major parts of your trip that would not be covered under the insurance like if you are redeeming your frequent flier miles or using a travel voucher, or staying at an acquaintance’s place etc. 3. If you are traveling with a pre-diagnosed medical condition that your travel insurance policy excludes from their coverage. 4. If you think you can manage flight delays and cancellations on your own, and the luggage even if lost will not cost more than what you are paying for the insurance.   travel insurance from India   Don't Miss: Ways to Make Money While Traveling the World   The deep irony with travel insurance is that we buy it to avoid exactly what we hope would never happen. But then, if you are one who doesn’t like to take chances travel insurance purchase is a smart move to make. In case, you are up for a journey to the US, we can provide easy and cheap travel insurance from India to USA. Not a compulsion though! Weigh the pros and cons and make your decision.

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