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If there is any place that is celebrated for it’s beauty the world over then, it has to be Switzerland. The picturesque country is often regarded as Heaven on Earth. The major part of the country is occupied by the Great Alps, and most of the population resides on the plateau region. The country boasts of it’s ever flourishing tourism; and two of the world’s very strong economic centres- Geneva and Zurich.   It is one of those places, that is a must on every traveler’s bucket list, be it couple or adventure seeker solo backpackers. If you haven’t yet made trip here yet, now is the time. Book your flight tickets to Switzerland, and add to your life a lovely chapter to look back to. Here is a quick list of things and places to explore on your trip to Switzerland:   Best Mountain Sports   hikings The snow clad mountains not only provide lovely visions to soothe the eye, or the chilling romantic breezes; Switzerland also offers some amazing mountain sport offerings. So try your hands on activities like ski touring, deep-snow skiing, snow boarding and ice climbing.   Enjoy the view of Rhinefall   rhine falls This thunderous plain waterfall is the largest in the entire European continent.The other name for the Falls is ‘Rhine Falls.’ You can take a boat tour to the Basin, or enjoy its spectacular views in the adventure park, near Schaffhausen town.   Must read: 6 (Good) Reasons To Get Spoilt By Travel   Climb Little Matterhorn in Cable bar   matterhorn You can and you should experience the thrill of climbing up the Little Matterhorn in the highest aerial cable bar in Europe, at Zermatt. Or you can enjoy another cable car adventure in Engelberg, where you ascend to Mount Titlis in a revolving cable car that is known to be the first in the world.   Enjoy the splendid Swiss Lakes   lake geneva Switzerland has some amazing lake spots. Lake Geneva,Lake Lucerne, Klöntalersee, Lake Como among others offer breathtaking vistas. The environs are just so captivating, that you can spend hours admiring. However, there are plenty of of exciting stuff you can do, like taking a ferry trip, cruise, or how about a kayak adventure on Lake Zurich.   Visit Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville   i hotel de ville, switzerland Just recently La Liste, a French publication, has named this Swiss restaurant as the best in the world. In the list is another at number five, the Schauenstein Restaurant. Having ranked high in the list beating 250 international names, speaks volumes. So it would be nice to grab some of the best gourment food at the Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville.   Clock Tower   clock tower The Clock Tower, better known as Bern’s Zytglogge in the place is one of the most famous landmark in the state of Berne. Even today, the people of Berne work by the announcements of the Clock Tower bell. This ornate clock which has fascinating moving puppets is one of the best tourist attractions which you shouldn’t miss out.   Interesting: Best Kept Secrets in European Travel   Swiss National Park   Swiss-national-park A must to explore place in Switzerland is the Swiss National Park, which is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. A repository of rich and enticing wildlife, the national park also offers exciting hiking experience across it 80 km long trail.   Apart from this, you may also consider visiting Gruyères, a small Swiss village known to have the most tastiest cheese ever; exploring the southern tip,the scenic region of Ticino; a rail trip on the Glacier Express and enjoy the majestic scenery of Alpines; go to the Abbey Library at St. Gallen.   There is so much to see and do in this temperate land; don’t miss out on a holiday of a lifetime. Grab some cheap air tickets to Switzerland now.  

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