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The land of festivals, India is acclaimed for all the zeal it indulges in the festivity mood! And with the advent of March, the whole of India is all geared up in the colorful vibes of Holi. Who wants to miss out on the colorful and energetic celebrations of India during Holi times. Think no further, book your cheap tickets to India from the USA and sway away in the Holi vibes of the nation. To make this festival of colors more merrier for you, we have penned few of the ace places to be in during Holidays!

Marking the off-set of winters and beginning of summers, this color festivity puts up a massive show which is lucrative enough to travel the distance.



When there is talk about Holi, how can Mathura not get its share in the talk! It is the hometown of Lord Krishna. Preparations of this festival commences at least a month before this festival. The Holi of Mathura is well-renowned throughout the country. It has all the potential to attract tourists from all across the world. The color of festivals brings in the unfettered fun, joy, dance and music with a myriad of bright colors at this place.


holi in hampi

Hampi is inhabited by both tourists and locals, all year around, mostly foreign nationals. Majority of Hampi area celebrates this festival of color with full zeal and vigorous vibes. Hampi is the live example of the country’s rich heritage and is a must-visit during Holi days while in India. Wonderful and unbelievable temples, sculptures and rustic ruins are all wrapped up under the layer of colors and makes for an awesome treat for the visitors traversing Hampi on Holi.

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Anandpur Sahib, Punjab


Experience the festival of colors, Holi without the sprinkle of colors! Strange, isn’t it? Relish this festival of colors Sikh style at Anandpur Sahib in Punjab. An annual fair is organized namely Hola Mohalla which dates back to 1700 s. First-most this fair was organized by the holy guru Guru Gobind Singh to celebrate this festival of Holi. And instead of throwing and sprinkling colors everywhere, witness the demonstration of the physical agility. There is martial arts, wrestling, acrobatic military exercises, mock sword fights and turban tying.


holi in udaipur

Experience Holi in a royal way at Udaipur, Rajasthan! On the eve of Holi, people in Udaipur light up bonfires to mark the auspicious occasion and ward of the evil spirits in a ritual namely Holika Dahan. For an enchanting and unforgettable experience of Holi, join the celebrations of city’s Mewar royal family. There is a magnificent palace procession from royal residence at the city palace including royal band and bedecked horses. Later traditional sacred fire is lit and the effigy of Holika is burnt.


holi in mumbai

Holi is a prime and major festival of Mumbai and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. There are a plethora of Holi parties organized in this city. The celebrations include men climbing one over another to break the pot which is suffused with butter and milk. A team which is successful in breaking the pot is termed as the Holi king of the year! During this colorful occasion, people in Mumbai exchange sweets, drinks and laugh together marking the spirit of togetherness.

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holi in goa

Though Goa is renowned as the party capital of India, it is also acclaimed among the tourists and locals alike to celebrate this colorful festival with all the hype! Holi begins with the offering prayers to the village Gods. All the major beaches of Goa turn into a festive carnival, all wrapped under the sheet of vibrant colors and people gathering along the shores partying hard!

With Holi festival 2017 just at the nook, the whole of India is all geared up in vibrant colors and inviting you to be part of the Holi celebrations. Think no further, get your flight tickets to India from USA and traverse the overhead places to experience Holi like never before!

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