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Indian summers, boon for those backpackers who are keen to explore the rich diversity of the nation. While many people try to adjust into their homes, just to avoid the scorching heat, there are many others who opt to jet-set for various cool destinations. India welcomes the travelers with abundant choices of places to visit … Continue reading 5 Indian Places To Spice Up Your Summers


In India, April is a month that will bathe your senses with the subtle fragrance of spring and will also prepare your soul to experience a blissful summer. This month of ‘Spring-Summer’ is considered to be the most ideal time of the year for a traveler. A person on an Indian Summer Sojourn can actually … Continue reading April Call: 5 Best Places to Visit in India


The thought of traveling to Goa brings into mind a display of images ranging from beautiful beaches, beach parties, water sports, delicious sea food, beach side shops etc. It is the most celebrated holiday destination of India. Now the question is- How you can make the most of this exotic place in summers? No doubt, … Continue reading 5 Reasons To Spend Your Summer Vacations In Goa


Our lives today are driven by technology to a great extent. We’re actually living in an industrial era. With the advent of technology in our daily lives, calling this a ‘Techno-Age’ wouldn’t be wrong. All our activities like shopping, cooking, talking have witnessed humongous amount of changes owing to the technology. Traveling is another such … Continue reading Travel Smart with Five Coolest Gizmos of the Year


YOLO (You Only Live Once) is the cool mantra of adventure lover these days. People who push themselves beyond their limits, try something new every day and challenge their own fears have created a separate class of adventure freaks. For people like these, Bunjee jumping provides the required adrenaline rush. This rush is succeeded by … Continue reading Exquisite Bungee Jumping Destinations


Traveling is all about letting yourself free from all the worries that bothered you on your routine days. A weekend getaway or a two-day vacation trip can be as rejuvenating as one feels after meditation. And, for that one must travel to places that he has never seen before, plus should also travel frequently. Now-a-days, … Continue reading Common Mistakes by First Time Backpackers


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