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Our lives today are driven by technology to a great extent. We’re actually living in an industrial era. With the advent of technology in our daily lives, calling this a ‘Techno-Age’ wouldn’t be wrong. All our activities like shopping, cooking, talking have witnessed humongous amount of changes owing to the technology. Traveling is another such … Continue reading Travel Smart with Five Coolest Gizmos of the Year


YOLO (You Only Live Once) is the cool mantra of adventure lover these days. People who push themselves beyond their limits, try something new every day and challenge their own fears have created a separate class of adventure freaks. For people like these, Bunjee jumping provides the required adrenaline rush. This rush is succeeded by … Continue reading Exquisite Bungee Jumping Destinations


Traveling is all about letting yourself free from all the worries that bothered you on your routine days. A weekend getaway or a two-day vacation trip can be as rejuvenating as one feels after meditation. And, for that one must travel to places that he has never seen before, plus should also travel frequently. Now-a-days, … Continue reading Common Mistakes by First Time Backpackers


Every person who travels finds it interesting to know about the travel experiences of like-minded people. With things like Internet and books widely available, a globetrotter can easily enrich himself with travel chronicles of people from different walks of life. Most travelers make it a point to maintain a travel journal or blog. Some do … Continue reading Five Books Every Travel Buff Must Read


Forts are remarkable symbols of Indian history. Filled with the tales of warriors and kings, forts form an inseparable part of rich cultural heritage and are a delight to travelers and tourists from across the world. Let’s throw light at 5 forts which are famous depictions of Indian history: Red Fort, New Delhi: Red Fort … Continue reading Top 5 Forts Of India


India is the nation where you will find more villages than you notice on the geographical maps. An expeditionist who studies rural culture gets to visit a plethora of Indian villages. Indian Rural communities are easy to locate and are interesting, for all, to learn about its culture. One of the forgotten states of India, … Continue reading ‘Haats’ of Rural Chattisgarh


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