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Indian Ocean is practically one of the largest water bodies on the planet Earth. Along with its vast stretch of area, this body holds many small islands as well as exquisite places which grants us heavenly feeling throughout our journey. This water body has an abundance of beach locations, crystal clear waters and cruise getaways. … Continue reading Top Destinations that Indian Ocean Holds


If your style of a vacation is the one which includes romancing the night skies and singing and dancing around a bonfire with friends, then you most likely love camping. There cannot be any better and fun way to drench yourself in the magnificence of nature-whether it’s trekking, bird watching or just relaxing and soaking … Continue reading Ideal Places To Camp In India


The month of June comes with a lot of fun-frolic activities and summer vacations. Here’s the time when group of friends or families stuff their backpacks and set for their journey to relax. It’s not the time for travelers to Keep Calm and Sit Back, instead traveler know how to extract every bit of happiness … Continue reading Travel in June: Cheap & Affordable Places to Visit


Summer is the best time of the year to dive in the beauty of mountains and sway with the cool breeze and the calmer pace of life. It is the time when you actually want to detach yourself from the conundrum of city life and embrace the nature’s beauty and its wonderful creations. More often … Continue reading 4 Lesser Explored Summer Getaways


Since its independence in the year 1995, Croatia has been both a cultural as well as natural heritage place to live in. It became an entirely independent European Union on 1st July ’13. It was once known as ‘The Mediterranean’, even in the 21st century. The city also holds a number of historic places where … Continue reading The ‘How-When-Where to Go’ of Croatia


On the east coast of India, lays a traditionally secured land of Odisha that was originally known as Orissa. This state is a complete paradise to those who want to feel culture, nature and modernization, all under one single roof. Odisha is the place famous for its Odissi dance and the pristine beaches. These beaches … Continue reading Surf the Shores of the Odishan Beaches


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