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Taj Mahal, the most beautiful and popularly known as the “Monument of Love” surely deserves a place in the 7 wonders of the world. Earlier this year, my family planned a trip to Agra. We started our journey from Faridabad and after our short visit to Vrindavan, we headed off to Agra by road. maxresdefault After 3 hours of journey, we finally entered Agra and it is really a beautiful city with clean roads (at least the roads we took). Urban area is lot much better than the rural area, of course! Anyway, we first went to see the Agra Fort. I was really mesmerized by the architecture of the fort. In every way, it reminded about the greatest artists and architects that we had during the Mughal Era. The fort big and tall walls, neat and clean ambiance, beautiful gardens. Whole fort is not open for public access, only the important places like Diwaan-e-aam and diwaan-e-khas etc. It was a really bright sunny day when we reached Agra, but that could not keep us away from exploring the whole fort. The fort was made by the Great Mughal Emperor “Akbar” and after he descended the throne, his son, Prince Salim (Emperor Jahangir) ascended the throne and made some changes in the building. All the places in the fort clad in white marble have been renovated by Jahangir. While standing at top of the fort, i got a clear panoramic view of the city and The Taj Mahal was  clearly visible at the other side of river Yamuna. SONY DSC After the Agra fort, we went to see one of the most spectacular building in the whole world, The Taj Mahal. We went through the Southern route and as the vehicles are not allowed in the premises, we took a small ride on the electric rickshaw, which, by the way, was really fun. After purchasing our tickets there was a really long waiting in the queue to enter the main gate of the Taj and yes! The crowd was more than usual because it was the occasion of Id-ul-fitr. Once we went past the gates, we found ourselves standing in front of this beautifully crafted ancient gate and right in front of that was The Taj Mahal, standing there in the most enchanting way possible. As the sun rays strikes the building and the white marble was brightened up by it, The view of Taj got even more majestic and enthralling. Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan for his wife. It was his way of professing his endless love for his wife to the world. As we started to approach the magnificent building, we were even more mesmerized by its beauty, The Taj is even more beautiful in reality than it’s pictures. There was again, a long queue to get inside, but it was all worth the wait. Inside, it is really calm and peaceful with not much lighting and has tombs of Shahjan and his wife Mumtaz mahal. The original tombs are placed in the basement and is closed for public access. The Taj Mahal is surrounded by the river Yamuna on two sides. After exploring the Taj Mahal, we took some famous sweets and headed our way back to faridabad. It was truly a great experience and i have just one suggestion for anyone who intends to visit Taj Mahal; Just go there, you will not regret it.

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