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India is a place of unity in diversity with side variety of culture and various different kinds of people. If you ever plan to visit India, you will be able to taste the most delicious cuisines and spicy food. A fascinating thing about India is its temples, you can’t afford to miss even one. They are the epitome of purity and divinity. The vibrant color clothes and enticing blend of tradition are what makes India a must travel place in the world. It is never a bad idea to plan a trip and when it is about India do check these places before you book a flight ticket.  


Amritsar Land Amritsar to see beauty and culture of Punjab Amritsar is one place which offers you all pure desi ghee stuff and a huge variety of parathas with dahi, Makhan, and ghee. Just like Punjabis have it. The first place to go to in Amritsar is the golden temple, the Prasad they serve it is really tasty and it also gives you all the positive vibes in this world. Next, you can head to martyrs well, the Jallianwala Bagh where the Jallianwala wala Bagh massacre happened and then you can visit Wagah border, from where you can clearly see both India and Pakistan’s land.

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bangalore Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka and is also one of the beautiful city in India with rich culture and ethnicity. Bangalore serves some of the best sweets like Mysore Pak and coconut barfi. Lal Bagh is one beautiful garden in Bangalore to go along with the other place like Bangalore Palace, ISKCON temple, male Maheshwari hill etc. This an innovative film city too. So fly down to Bangalore and yea don’t know the local language, speak in English then.

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New Delhi Delhi is the capital city of India and it offers n number of places to go. Delhi is full of temples, gardens, shopping streets, forts, political offices, and museums. Sarojini market is one famous place in Delhi to shop for Karol Bagh is another. India Gates looks beautiful with all the lights in the evening, do try late night ice creams at India gate. A red fort is a place you must visit along with the lotus temple and Rashtrapati Bhavan. The Mughal garden will make your day with its beauty.

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Goa It is one awesome location for an amazing holiday. Goa is one of the best-attracted places. Throughout the year you will see tourist from world partying, relaxing and having fun on the beaches of Goa. Goa is not only about beaches, there is various others place to explore as well. The churches in Goa are famous too. You can talk to locals in Goa and they would tell you more about the place, also that the place has much-haunted houses. Old Goa is a UNESCO world heritage and thus one must go that side. There’s a lot to do in Goa, head out and see what all.  

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Mumbai, India Mumbai is the Bollywood city. It is the city of stars, a home to all the actors and actresses of Bollywood. The marine drive is the famous place in Mumbai where people usually stroll and sit by the beach. Mumbai is another place in India famous for its beach and coast. Vada pav is the synonym to Mumbai, your trip is completely incomplete if you didn’t have vada pav of Mumbai. The Siddi Vinayak temple is another attraction in Mumbai. They say Ganpati Bappa makes all wishes true if you pray there. So book a flight to Mumbai and enjoy your holidays.

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These were some of the best attractions in India where you can go by just taking a flight. These places will tell you a lot about the different culture we Indians have. Hope you have a nice holiday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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