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Human tendency to respite & enjoy is not in reaching a destination but living the journey of it. As the summer is breaking records every year, people turn their hearts towards mountains to add memories to remember and there can’t be a better place within the heart of himachal as good as Lahaul & Spiti.

With an aesthetic geo-location under pir panjal range, Lahaul & spiti bear below 00 temperature and remain covered with snow for most part of the year. The place shares borders with Ladakh on north-west and Tibet on the east. As the name reflects, the place is named after two towns: Lahaul & spiti. Where Lahaul is a high altitude (3340m) greener plateau with uncluttered mountain range and glaciers, spiti on other hand is named after “spiti” river and is relatively colder and lower of the two, and is ideal for family tours and honeymooners.

Journey to Lahaul & Spiti

Though, it’s difficult to build better lanes at such steep height. The people of this valley have left no stone unturned to connect it to major roads. Doesn’t matter if you are coming from south or east or west, you will have to reach manali or shimla.

Cabs are available for further journey, but no private vehicles can go beyond manali considering safety reasons. you may also book a flight as the nearest airport is Bhuntar(kullu), situated 40-50km from manali. Cabs will go through Rohtang pass and Rani nala, which are also a great attraction for tourism.MOnastery-299x200

Different Cultures and Religion

Sharing international fences with Tibet, the influence of Budhist culture seems evident. In Lahaul, there is the 800-year-old Guru Ghantal gompa located at the convergence of rivers Chandra and Bagha.Ki Monastery situated next to the Spiti River, could not have been set on a more beautiful location. A thousand year old Tabo gompa is hovering on an amazing height of 3050 metres and looks like honeycomb on a hillside.

Other famous budhist monasteries include:

Dhankar Monastery Sha shur Monastery Kardang Monastery Tayul Gompa.

That doesn’t narrow the gaze of culture diversity within the valley. Places like TrilokNath, Udaipur shows the influence of Hinduism and are groomed with carvings of Lord Shiva & Guru Padmasambhava.

When it comes to festivals, Lahaul & spiti enjoys wide style of Celebrations. Ladarcha fair is a festival of Tibetans celebrated during early summer and the time, when tourism starts flaring. Various religious occasions like Pauri Fair, Tsheshu Fair, Diwali, Fagli Festival and Gochi Festival are also celebrated in good spirits and zeal among all tribes and communities.

Trekking-299x200 Adventure: Trekking, Camping & Exploring

With rare clouds and a clear sight of sunshine most of the summer, the enthusiasm of trekkers and explorer never go down in Lahual & spiti. You should be TREK ready with Tents, sleeping bags, snow gear, light cooking equipment, sunscreen and sunglasses which are must for trekking in these hills.

Crossing Glaciers, high passes and enjoying fortune of surprising snowfall, gives that inexplicable feeling. Popular treks are Parangla Pass, Pin Parvati Pass, Baba Pass, Hampta Pass .The good thing about Lahaul & spiti is the least abundance of mass media & tourism, thereby the nature keeping its weather cycles intact.

The last but not the least, Chandratal or moon lake is the last place you want to miss, the awe-inspiring lake is built on a glacial bowl and a scene, not comparable to any other part of the earth. Suraj Tal Lake and Dashir Lake are also worth visiting. If your love towards animals is impatient, you can’t say no to a visit to pin valley national park. Snow leopard and Tibetan gazelle are the main attractions of this park.

With so much preserved and kept to its most primal glory. The nature of precarious humpty mountains and glowing snowcaps will surely gives you the chance to create timeless memories in this twin valley. This entry was posted in Blog on August 20, 2014 by admin.


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