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Wondrous places around the world. You wouldn’t believe such places could actually exist on the face of this earth. These can easily surpass your imagination and can leave you spellbound. If you are ready to really explore the world, get prepared for a never ending surprise ride.   To give you a glimpse of the mesmerizing vistas mother nature has in its store, checkout the following too-good-to-be-true places which are cent percent real:   Rolling Hills, Czech Republic   1. rolling-hills-czchec-repub   Looks like a green fabric spread across, which however is miles of real grass. One would wish to be lost in that perfect greenery. It's one of those dream travel spots.   Pamukkale, Turkey   2. pamukkale, Turkey   This town in Western Turkey has beautiful thermal-water flows that run down the white travertine terraces at a hillside. It’s a fabulous vision to store in your memory for life.   Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel, Mauritius   Seven-Colored-Earth-Chamarel   The earth has been colored in different hues due to the the cooling down of the volcanic sediments at varied temperatures here. The effect though is highly intriguing.   Kelimutu Volcano, Indonesia   kelimutu-volcano   Three crater lakes-three strikingly different colors-atop the Kelimuto volcanic peak. Among the most fascinating lakes throughout the world that attract thousands of  enthusiastic trekkers to risk it to see it.   Marble Caves, Chile   the_marble_caves_of_chile   Fascinating at all levels, the color changing Marble Caves in Chile are a breath-taking sight to be at. The place is only accessible via a boat.   Chittorgarh Fort, India     There’s some intriguing beauty in the ruins, best reflected by the sight of Chittorgarh Fort in India. It is one of the largest in the country and a treasure of incredible history.   Blue Lagoon, Iceland   Iceland-Blue-Lagoon   Known for its therapeutic effects, the temperature of the waters in spa can be as high as 100 degrees or more. Not just that, it’s a pleasure to all senses, especially the eyes.   Glowworm Caves, New Zealand   GLOWWORM-CAVES   When the glowworms illuminate the caves, it is like you’ve entered a dream. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand is one magnetic spot that attracts local as well as international tourists alike.   Such places are hard to imagine unless you see them in person. And when you do, it’s not just hard but impossible to bow down to the true Creator’s genius.Experience the bliss, travel and explore such intriguing wonders of the world. For flight ticket assistance, feel call or mail us anytime.

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