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Business travelling is increasing day by day as companies are spending more and more on the business travels to increase the meetings with current clients and the prospective clients or simply to attend some overseas conferences or business meetings, there have never been a shortage of reasons for the business executives to pack their bags and hit the road. All these expenses are paid by the respective companies. This year, the US companies travel expenses are expected to top $310 billion, which is roughly equal to the GDP of Malaysia.
Companies offer a budget in which an employee has to undertake a business trip. Sometimes the total cost of the trip seems to surpass the given limit. So, to avoid that, some important measures should be taken to complete the trip in the given budget as provided by the company.
Hire a travel agent travel-agent-for-destination-wedding Hire a travel agent and allow him to take care about the flight tickets and accommodation. As the travel agents has access to all the latest information about the air, hotel, cab fares, they will make a wholesome cheap travel package that will help you to save loads of money.
Travel with a carry on shutterstock_97354250   Try to carry a small luggage and an extra bag like a purse or laptop bag to avoid the checked baggage charge. If you are going for two to three days, smart packing will go a long way and will save you some money. Compare prices: Some hotels offer the corporate discount, negotiate with them and find out the best discounted room they offer and compare with other hotels to find the quality hotel at a cheap price.
Opt for coach class for domestic travels: Booking coach class will save you tons of money and the plane will take your employees to their destination regardless of their seat types for a domestic trip and save the high class business seats for the international travel.
Hire a bus or shuttle banner2 For a larger group, hiring a bus or shuttle will save you money. They even provide the facility of free WiFi, parking, refreshments and video. This will take your whole group for much cheaper price than flying.
Try cheaper airlines: Cheaper airlines will take you for much lower cost than the high profile airlines. Just be flexible to save a lot. Avoid choosing seats, print your boarding pass at home, read the fine print and pay for your checked baggage online.
Utilize the sharing economy 8b4a0d1424eb6eb997ff3bdd939b735a0a25b52a If you have family or friends living at the place where you are travelling, stay with them for the time you are there. By doing that you will be able to save the money on the hotel rooms and you will be able to spend some time with your loved ones.
Stay an extra day: If you have business for 2 days try to stay there for 3 days instead. You can get great flight and hotel deals by staying more nights at one place plus it will give you some time to relax and chill.
Do consider these points when you plan your next business trip. If you have a small business, these tips will help you to save big amount of money on the business class flight cost and the accommodation cost.

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