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Getting flight upgrades is no more as frequent as it was earlier, however, it hasn’t been entirely scrapped off too. So don’t side line the possibilities of getting one for yourself. In fact, read through our post and make use of the tips to higher your chances of lending your self a free flight up-gradation.

Given below are some tried and tested methods which have landed the passengers flying in business class on the cost of economy tickets-
1. Fly Solo:

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Flying alone brightens your chances to get a free upgrade as it is an easier adjustment. The chances are dim if you are traveling in large groups or with family, as to accommodate too many people in the higher class is not a likely situation. Lone travelers would be the first ones to be considered for an upgrade.

2. If the cabin crew requests a move, oblige:


If for some reason, the cabin crew requests you to move/shift your seat, don’t decline. For instance, if you volunteer to help a family sit together, you never know if your generosity be rewarded with an upgradation.

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3. Be the first to check-in:


Being the first to check-in can greatly increase your chances of getting a free upgrade. If the flight is running over-booked, the cabin staff might offer you an upgrade in advance, to save themselves from shuffling around to do the same at the time of departure.

4. Take the option of waiting for the next flight if given incentives:

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When the flight is running completely full the check-in staff will be looking for people who could be bumped off to another flight and for this they will lure the passengers with incentives like an upgrade etc. So if you do not mind to hop on the next flight, take the offer.

5. Special meals can ruin upgrade chances:


If you’ve placed an order of a special meal in advance, this can hinder your chances of getting a flight upgrade. This is because the flight cabin crew has not many spares and then adjusting to your special requirements when making a shift from economy to first/ class becomes a challenge.

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6. Flying on a special occasion? Make it known: Air Travel

If you are going on a honeymoon, or it’s your birthday; it would be a good idea to let the staff know somehow. The chances are they give you an upgrade as part of celebration. But because this is an often used trick, so it would be wise to carry relevant documents for them to verify.

7. Dressing and presentation makes a difference:


You need to look the part to fly in first class or business class. It is not that the high paying passengers in the first class cabin are not allowed to travel in comfort clothes, but then while choosing someone from the economy, the staff does consider a well dressed person over someone in baggy jeans and a t-shirt.

8. Make use of contacts:


And lastly, make arrangements in advance if you have some contacts in the check-in staff or higher order. Many airlines have upgrade vouchers for the staff which they may share with their friends and family. So you can make use of such contacts to get a flight update if seats are available.

And if you cannot rely on an upgrade (because chances are not that high) and wish to travel not in the economy class, then search for cheap travel packages for business travel on online travel portals. It would not cost you too much, sometimes such deals can actually help you travel cheap. They are not just marketing gimmicks, but a win-win for both the parties.

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