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Tranquility and peace, Nova Scotia is Canada’s one of the smallest province and peninsula on the Eastern edge of Canadian mainland! With coastlines dotted with harbors, fishing, plump islands and sandy beaches Nova Scotia is a sheer delight for the vagabonds. The scenery of Nova Scotia varies greatly, from foggy oceans to tidal salt marshes to Gaelic highlands. In the damp climate, Nova Scotia is pleasantly breezy, summers are bright and sunny and winters are full of snow and fog. Therefore, giving you the bounty of enjoying all the season's mother nature has to offer. Book your cheap flights to Nova Scotia and traverse few of its top rated stopovers in Nova Scotia with us!

Cabot Trail

cabot trail

Being one of the most amazing loop drives in Canada, Cabot Trail treats its visitors to the spectacular and breathtaking scenic views of Cape Breton Highlands. It is the coastal route where tallest of mountains in Nova Scotia collide with the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Beaches, cliffs, twisting roads and amazing viewpoints will provide you with countless photo opportunities. A plethora of attractions and little communities and region’s vibrant fall vista-colors makes it a not-to-miss site.

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Fortress Of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Fortress Of Loisbourg National Historic Site

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, a magical destination located on the edge of the continent where present and the past meet up together to celebrate and embark Canada’s diverse heritage. This historical reconstruction recreates the mid 18th-century life exhibiting costumed guides, historic buildings, and working establishments. This historic site is a living history museum with a cast of servants, soldiers, maids, merchants and fishermen who go about day-to-day life.

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Overlooking the downtown Halifax, experience the exciting part of Canada’s history by traversing this 19th-century fortress having sweeping views of the downtown Halifax. This site has no shortage of authentic experiences to have your hand in while you are here.



Blazingly colored heritage buildings dot the townscape of Lunenburg! Set picturesquely on a hill, this UNESCO world heritage site is amongst the most famous craft. Stroll along its colorful shops and galleries arranged beautifully on the tidy grids of walkable streets. Don’t forget to visit the Fisheries Museum to get yourselves aware about its maritime history.

Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park

Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park

Situated at a distance of 40 km from Halifax, Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park makes for an excellent day trip. Spread over an area of 40 hectares this place is home to a vast array of exotic and native animal species including foxes, moose, cougars, black bears, wolves, and beavers.

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Sherbrooke Village

Sherbrooke Village

Sherbrooke Village collectively exhibits 25 buildings which represent a Nova Scotia Village around the 20th century. However, not all buildings are open to the public but visitors can still visit the blacksmith, wood-turner shop, print shop and a pottery studio. There are few seasonal events which take place in Sherbrooke Village which isn't to be missed while you are here.

Ross Farm Museum

Ross Farm Museum

This Ross Farm Museum does an excellent job of representing working farm for more than a century ago. Several displays and buildings take the vagabonds through the time to wrap to the bygone area. People can experience a variety of animals including oxen, Canadian horses and various types of poultry. Visiting Ross Farm Museum is an amazing experience in itself!

Visiting Nova Scotia is a real deal in itself! Wonderfully varied landscape, wilderness, and home to diversified demography, this place should surely be at priority on your bucket list. Get your cheap flights to Nova Scotia from India you’d be longing to come back again.


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