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Camping doesn’t always have to be roughing it out in difficult terrains, with no shelter or other facilities. The luxury way of camping, is not just adventurous but comes with a hint of glamour too. It is so that we call this mode as Glamping.   While many tourist destinations in the world have minted money by strategically setting up innovative camping sites and resorts, providing the visitors a perfect ‘glamping’ experience, it is Canada which by far seems one of the most popular choice. There are a number of glamping spots in this neighboring country of the USA, which offers a chance a little bit of indulgent with amazing food and wine, while at the same time have only the stars and moonlit sky as a roof above.   Following are the glamping sites you should consider when on a trip to Canada-   Clayoquot Wilderness Resort,British Columbia clayoquot-resort If you are not a adventurous daredevil, and are looking for a luxury camping option, Clayoquot Wilderness it is. With luxury accommodations, this resort provides customized adventure activities for its guests. The activities include surfing (learning to surf) on a secluded beach, a day long hike with First Nation’s guide to the “Wild Side”, wildlife watching, and kayak cruises.   Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on British Columbia Rockwater Secret Cove Resort Sunshine Coast Amidst the majestic views of Pacific Ocean, the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on British Columbia is one of it’s kind place, offering an ultimate camping experience to its guests. With relaxing hydro-tub therapy, yoga services, the place offers activities like biking, hiking, and leisure pursuits like a stroll along a 1500 foot forest walk.   Wasagaming Campground, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba camping grounds-riding-mountain-national-park The Riding Mountain National Park in Canada is the perfect camping spot for a family holiday, in Canada. The Wasagaming Campground is just minutes away from the Wasagaming townsite, with restaurants, tennis courts, lawn bowling, biking, hiking trails, horse riding, golf course and a lot many recreational activities. Regular camping programs are run all summer.   Les Toits Du Monde,Nominingue Québec les-toits-du-monde Enjoy the amazing accommodations, with a total unique experience, be it the tree house or the Mongolian Yurt. The innovative abodes, in the middle of camping environs is best relished, when at the start of the day, you have sumptuous breakfast served at the bed as you wake up to breathing the lovely aroma of the pine and other deciduous forestation.   Oakwood Escapes oakwood-escape   The Oakwood Escapes are located near Dunnville on the Niagra Peninsuls. The luxury tents set up around a lake, and some near the fields, in this 50 acre of Carolinian forests. Though the tents will have no light, but the linen sheets and comfy pillows will help you dream into sleep. There are many fun activities to undertake.   A call for the backpackers and adventure enthusiasts - If you want to delve into some fun sporty activities but at the same time wish to have a relaxing, comforting holiday, book your flight to Canada, and Go Glamping!

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