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Who doesn’t love mild winters? The slight chill in the air, while you are strolling down a pebbled path with your beloved ones is a feeling which isn’t surpassed by lots. In a tropical country like India, it is the commencement of the season just before the end of winters which is loved the most as scorching heats set in after that. March, the month which lies in the brink of summers and spring. It is that time of the year again when a good vacation is nearly irresistible to score. Book your group travel vacation packages and with the winter season shedding its coat you’ll be blessed with pleasant weather and misty mornings which make for an ideal getaway!

So, to extract the max pleasure outta the aforementioned time, here is a list of few places which are best to visit in March in India.

Havelock Island

Havelock Islands, Andam

Marked by the pristine beaches and glorious diving locations, Havelock Island certainly deserves a lot more touristic traffic in a country where people automatically just think of Kerela and Goa when the term ‘beach’ is mentioned. If you are seeking for a serene escape and one of the ace places to visit in the month of March in India, Havelock will most certainly satisfy the vacation urges. We advise you to just relax at the fanciful cafes by the beaches and do stargazing at night!

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This destination should certainly be at the peak of your bucket list if you are going to traverse India in the month of March. Said to be the ‘adventure capital of Karnataka’ Coorg is known to cater all types of travelers! If you just wanna relax in the backyard of coffee plantations or in a mood for trekking, this hill station has it all. With paddy fields and bustling rivers, this place makes for a gorgeous destination to get hold of the last whiff of winters.

Ranthambore, Rajasthan


However, the apt time as suggested by most frequent travelers to visit this place is from September to February, but March is the best month for the wildlife buffs to visit this place. The acclaimed destination here is Ranthambore National Park and Ranthambore Fort. It is now the biggest and most populous tiger reserve in India. The offset of harsh winters and onset of mild summers is just about the perfect time for the tiger spotting. Situated within the park is the Ranthambore Fort which is also one of the World Heritage Sites in Rajasthan.



The class and desire which Shillong offers to its visitors is just world apart! This place is blessed with rainfall(in abundance) all year long but March is the month when this rain decides to go on a short break and just relax. Its soul lies in its architecture of colonial times which still can be witnessed in few sectors. This is undoubtedly one of the ace places to visit in the month of March. Don’t forget to do river rafting with your pals in Barpani Lake which 17 km from Shillong. For the inner foodie inside, you gotta try fish curries and spicy meat here.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh


This place is usually thronged by the travelers in monsoon and pre-winters but for people looking for less crowds and slightly cold breezes, March is the month when you should traverse Tawang. Tipi Orchid Sanctuary in Tawang is one of the most enrapturing places which should not be missed. It blooms with vast varieties of orchids throughout the year. The famous Tibetan Festival, Losar also takes place in months of February and March.

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Munnar, Kerala

If you are of the view that South India is only renowned for coffee plantations, then wait till you visit sprawling trimmed tea plantations of Munnar. This sleepy region is so gorgeous and mesmerizing that your entire day would be spent in the clouds as they float at relatively low heights. Munnar is unquestionably one of the best places to visit in March.

The month of March! The better one on calender for the travelers willing to travel to India. Book your cheap tickets vacation packages and plan your own retreat to prepare for summers and bid adieu to harsh winters.


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