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If the six-yards of elegance draped around an Indian woman’s frame has always seemed to fascinating to you; if the one thing that strikes you most is the unique regional attires that the Indians wear; if the colorful thread work grabs your attention; if men dressed in long knee-length shirts look dapper; and if the vibrancy of Indian dresses have ever grabbed your attention...

Then chances are that when you make a visit to the vibrant country, you’d be more than tempted to try some of these on yourself too. We recommend you to have some extra money saved for this shopping indulgence by booking cheap airline tickets from USA to India with us.

And before you land there, here’s a list of what all to expect, and in which regions:-



People in Jammu and Kashmir wear dresses with lots of embroidery and designs. The costumes are designed to overcome the cold climate that prevails in the region. Garments are made of wool, cotton and silk. Poots and Pherans are most common and popular among both men and women. Turbans, headgear, Pashmina, scarfs etc completes the look of the dresses.

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Traditional Bhangra Costumes for men and women in Punjab

Salwar suit worn by women is the pride of punjabi culture. Beautiful materials are used to make salwar suits. Although western wear is also carried out graciously by Punjabi women but sarees, salwar suits and sharars stands out than the rest of the dresses.



Delhi is the capital of India and that means so many different people following different cultures and religions reside in the capital. Though, Delhi does not have any traditional wear. But the costumes like salwar suits, sarees, western wear, kurta pyjamas are mostly worn by Delhi people.Different and unique hand prints, mirror work, zari work along with excellent fabric is the speciality of Indian dresses.

North East:


North East Indian costumes stand apart from the whole country with their ankle length skirts, beautiful traditional caps and jackets. Puanchei, gorgeous attire of Mizoram girls is a must wear during the festivals and weddings. Costumes of Meghalaya is somewhat different than the others. The women drape a cloth around their waist and men wear a lioncloth.

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Central India:


In Central India, people dress a tad too traditionally. Men wear colorful turbans over kurta-pyjamas and women. Womenfolk wear lehenga (long skirts). The Chanderi sarees, which are intricately woven by hand, is another popular dress for women in this part, as well as people far and wide.



Women dress traditionally in white sarees with red border which is draped in a very unique way, and men are clad in blazers over dhoti. The attires have been modified slightly over time, and best reflect cosmopolitan culture. Visit during durga pujo, and you’d be struck by the beautifully dressed Bengali beauties.

South India:


South India is blessed with warm and temperate climate so the people wear light cotton and silk clothing to keep up with the heat. Kanchipuram silk saress worn by tamil women are beautiful with fabulous colours and textures. The men are usually seen wearing a dhoti. Kerala men wear traditional Mundu and Neriathu and the women wear sarees with jacket.

Western India:


Western Indian Costumes are much diverse. Where Maharashtrian women wear nine yard sarees and the men wear dhoti with shirt and often the dhotis are replaced with a pair of pants. Rajasthani people wear bright and elegant  costumes. Pagris, dhotis, pyjamas, kamarband are inportant part of male attire while the women embraces their looks with Ghagra, Kurta, odhni and Choli.

Learn about the culture of India and try different and beautiful attires by grabbing last minute flight deals to India from USA and enjoy a trip to India that will help you to know about Incredible India and you will definitely leave with so many memories that are going to cherish for life.


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