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  Let’s Go on a Road Trip!!   Sun, wide open road and awesome car - who doesn’t love a road trip or an idea of one? Road trip are far more attractive than it sounds like. In today’s hectic routine life, we hardly get time to even say “hi” to our family or friends, so the best idea to reunite with your friends or spend some quality time with your family is planning a long road trip. Get rejuvenated and take a break from your routine life. Its time top enjoy the summer and make your near and dear ones happy. Let’s Go on a Road Trip Some times road trip gets tiring and boring, that’s because you don’t do things to make it exciting and do such things which make your car journey tedious. So here are some Do’s and Don’t that you should follow to have more fun in your road trip and also get summer road trip ideas. Explore new countries by booking your tickets to India from USA now. You can reach a country and book a car their. Start your perfect road trip by traveling to different cities their and exploring their cuisine plus scenic beauty.   Do’s   Do Research Always do the research about the best states to visit on a road trip and once you have decided the place, that’s the right time to research about it. This will save you from the hassle of making snap decisions about which route to take and where to go and what to check out. If you don’t have any related information about the place then you may miss some good opportunities and have to hear that “ you should have at least researched a little bit about the place”. So do research and save your family and friends from getting irritated. Do research   Use Smart phone Technology Smart phones are the smartest choice to carry on your road trip. It helps you find out the best restaurant in your route, it tells you the nearest gas pump and many more. It also shows the best price availability of everything you need at each stop along the way. So, take advantage of carrying a smart phone with wide variety of smart apps in it. Use Smart phone Technology1   Don't Miss: 6 Most Dangerous Roads around the World   Make a Play List Great music is a life saver when you are the only one who knows driving and have to drive for a really long time. So don’t forget to make an awesome playlist that will give you energy and will become a part of entertainment for others. Make a play list   Enjoy The Road The best part of road trips is their laid back nature. You don’t have to reach the airport to catch a flight, road trips allow you to move at your own paces. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy the road and mesmerizing scenic beauty. Enjoy the road   Check Your Rewards on Credit Card Before you hit the road check out your rewards program. There may be a possibility that you may have points accrued that you can use on your trip for gas, hotel, food etc. Redeeming these points can really lower your trip expenses. Check your rewards on credit card Don’t   Don’t Let Other Travelers Play DJ According to a study, music gives a positive impact on drivers mood while driving, which ultimately results into a safe driving behavior. Music that has personal meaning to the driver, engage him more whereas, less-liked music can give a negative impact on his mood. So lets driver pick the play list as per his mood. Don’t let other travelers play DJ   Don’t Only Stick on The Highway A road trip without random adventure is a waste. Going off the path cannot only save your travel time but also offer you more scenic routes to enjoy your trip. Remember one thing, road less traveled means you will not find enough scenic beauty, less gas stations, public attractions and rest stops. We don’t want you to spoil the excitement and energy of your road trip, so try going off route and have loads of fun. Don’t only stick on the highway   Don’t Leave Home Without Food Taking snacks and drinks from home will save you from lots of things. Like, it will save your money which you can spend on some other more important things and if you traveling and stopping in areas which have minimal shopping options, that’s the time when you will thank yourself for bringing food with you. Gas stations in the middle of nowhere have nothing to offer when it comes to food, therefore buying some crap stuff is a waste of money and mood as well. So, its better to bring food from home. Don’t leave home without food Avoid Putting Your Feet on Dashboard Keep your feet on the floor, it depicts good manners as well as best for protection purpose. To avoid some mishaps and save your knees and ankles from getting hurt, please avoid putting your feet on Dashboard. Avoid putting your feet on Dashboard   Don’t Pick a Boring Companion Trust us! You don’t want to spend hours with a boring travel companion. Choose a road trip partner who is enthusiastic, great with directions, shares the same interests as you do, can make your road trip more interesting and memorable.   Theses ideas will going to make your road trip memorable and full of excitement. Browse internet for Cheap tickets to USA from India and then start your unforgettable USA road trip. Explore each and every corner and  find out some new routes and cuisine that you will never going to find in some travel book or magazine.

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