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  New Years are special and are welcomed by one and all with rejuvenated hopes and new found vigor all over the world. And so do Indians. India, a land of varied cultures, ethnicities and religiosities is a colorful amalgamation countless customs and traditions. Much like we follow the Gregorian calender across the nation, as followed by the rest of the world, in different regions of the country are followed our traditional ones. Some are religion specific while some are region specific. And going by those are different festivities and rituals performed at different parts of the country. Same is the case with Baisakhi. It is the Punjabi New Year, and is celebrated with much gusto in the state of Punjab and also the entire North India.   Baisakhi in Punjab   It is also a festival marked with celebrations of new harvest; marking the maturing of the winter crop. Besides this, the festival of Baisakhi also marks the founding of Khalsa Panth by the Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. Know for their loud and vibrant personalities, Punjabis celebrate the festival with great pomp and show. It’s a common sight to find the exuberant Punjabis performing Bhangra and Giddha in their fields, an expression of their joy of obtaining a rich harvest. Visit to Gurudwara are made by the Sikhs, langars and community lunches are organized. People in North India are mostly clad in traditional attire in bright colors to mark the festivity. The most colorful aspect of the celebration is the Baisakhi Mela. Such fairs are organized in various parts of the state, and the vibrant culture of Punjab state is set on display in the fairs. It is a time for people to celebrate the spirit of life and the abundance of it. Baisahi Melas are not just restricted to the state of Punjab, the passionate Sikh community are known to organize such fair in all parts, and Baisakhi celebrations are common knowledge to people in Canada and UK where there are big Sikh communities.   Baisakhi Mela   Also Read: 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel   Festivities in Other Parts of India   Similar festivities are carried out in other parts of the country as well, however, following different rituals and by a different name. For instance, on the 13th of April every year, people of Assam celebrate ‘Rongali Bihu’, while in Bihar is celebrated ‘Vaishakha’, in Tamil ‘Nadu Puthandu’ and in West Bengal ‘Naba Barsha’. The essence of them all remains the same- celebrating prosperity which is defined by a prosperous crop.   Baisakhi Bumper Offer   So it is a great time to visit India and enjoy the festive fervor. If you are planning a trip to the country anytime soon, checkout our Baisakhi Bumper Offer. Believe it or not, we are offering a whooping $50 discount on US to India flights on the special occasion of the Punjabi New Year.  To avail the offer you need to call us at 1-866-235-8886.

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