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India is a beautiful place that attracts tourists from all over the world. It’s remarkable diversity is truly reflected in its landscapes, customs and even cuisines. Indians are well known for their love to break world records and succeeding in it. But there are some places in India that holds Unique world records and that … Continue reading Top 8 Destinations In India That Hold Unique World Records


When Prime minister Narendra modi visited San Francisco, apart from meeting all the greatest minds behind new age business, Narendra Modi made a very special announcement about direct flights to San Francisco from new Delhi.The direct flight to San Francisco will be run by air India from 2nd December, 2015, thrice a week. San Francisco’s … Continue reading Modi announces New Delhi-San Francisco direct flights


Diwali celebrations has become an annual affair at the White House too. However, no place can celebrate this great Indian festival as Indians and that too in their own land. Now you can have this unique festive experience, as Tripbeam is offering great flight rates to India. It is the best time to visit your … Continue reading Tripbeam Diwali Bumper Sale On Flights Tickets


As much people love to travel to new places, only few enjoy those uninvited long stays at the airports waiting for the connecting flights or waiting for the delayed flights. Consider direct flights, whenever possible and avoid the ones that might leave you at the worst airports for long waiting hours. Travel site goes by … Continue reading Worst Airports in the World Ranked—Who Won?


Travelling to a new place is every Indian’s dream. Some travellers have that thirst of travelling that no other person deserves. Different types of travellers are there. Some are adventurous, those who like to explore places casual travellers won’t even dare to go; and some are casual travellers who just like to travel to different … Continue reading 10 Things About Travelling Abroad That Every Indian Must Know For Their Safety


Sometimes people do crazy stuff to catch a plane. Now, these types of tantrums can be hilarious or dangerous. If you have a flight to catch, why not reach the airport at proper time than to use some crazy things to delay a flight. There was a recent incident, where a person called in a … Continue reading 7 Things You Should Never Do to Catch a Plane


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