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India is a beautiful and culturally rich country which is located in the south Asia. People from all over the world visit India in order to get to know about this great land. From north to south and from east to west, India is covered with so many beautiful places including lush green forests, snow … Continue reading Best Places to Visit in India in 2016


  Toronto, the capital of Ontario and the nation’s biggest city, is home to a dynamic blend of vacation spots; from exhibition halls and displays to the world renowned CN Tower and the beautiful Toronto Island shores. The city holds quite a striking resemblance to the NYC, however not that chaotic. The downtown is easily … Continue reading Best Tourist Attractions in Toronto


Canada, the second largest country country is not just snow and ice, but a cluster of vibrant cities that make for a beautiful tourist destination. This country to the North of US is a treasure of untouched, unadulterated landscapes, a labyrinth of history and a unique blend of colorful culture. Among the wealthiest nations of … Continue reading 12 Things to Do on Your Canada Trip


On top of the world. What does this expression mean to you? Being professionally successful? Being filthy rich? Finding the love of your life? Winning a lottery? Meeting your favorite football player? Well, whatever it maybe, you can quite literally be on top of the world and feel it metaphorically too, because when you look … Continue reading Splendid View From Top of Famous Landmarks


Wondrous places around the world. You wouldn’t believe such places could actually exist on the face of this earth. These can easily surpass your imagination and can leave you spellbound. If you are ready to really explore the world, get prepared for a never ending surprise ride.   To give you a glimpse of the … Continue reading If You Haven’t Seen,You Wouldn’t Believe These Places Actually Exist!


Camping doesn’t always have to be roughing it out in difficult terrains, with no shelter or other facilities. The luxury way of camping, is not just adventurous but comes with a hint of glamour too. It is so that we call this mode as Glamping.   While many tourist destinations in the world have minted … Continue reading Go Glamping in Canada


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