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The month of June comes with a lot of fun-frolic activities and summer vacations. Here’s the time when group of friends or families stuff their backpacks and set for their journey to relax. It’s not the time for travelers to Keep Calm and Sit Back, instead traveler know how to extract every bit of happiness … Continue reading Travel in June: Cheap & Affordable Places to Visit


June is a great time of the year to gaze at the Milky Way while relaxing on a sand dune in Namib Desert or witnessing the festive frenzy of North America and Europe. Travelers who wish to travel to Sub Saharan Africa get a privilege to indulge in wildlife watching in the cooler and drier … Continue reading June Frenzy: 5 Best Places To Visit


In India, April is a month that will bathe your senses with the subtle fragrance of spring and will also prepare your soul to experience a blissful summer. This month of ‘Spring-Summer’ is considered to be the most ideal time of the year for a traveler. A person on an Indian Summer Sojourn can actually … Continue reading April Call: 5 Best Places to Visit in India


India is the nation where you will find more villages than you notice on the geographical maps. An expeditionist who studies rural culture gets to visit a plethora of Indian villages. Indian Rural communities are easy to locate and are interesting, for all, to learn about its culture. One of the forgotten states of India, … Continue reading ‘Haats’ of Rural Chattisgarh


Watching nature’s beauty from a height is always a delightful experience. Let’s take you to an expedition to the 6 incredible skywalks of the world: Grand Canyon Skywalk, US: Hanging at an altitude of above 4,700 feet, Grand Canyon is among the top most vertigo inducing sites of the world. Walk into the lounge, museum … Continue reading 6 Not To Miss Skywalks


A city in the Northern India, Chandigarh is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. The city was conceived by a Swiss French architect Le Corbusier in 1950. He is the man behind offering the city a beautiful modernist-architecture and a methodical layout. The city is renowned all over India for its cleanliness and beauty … Continue reading 5 Must Visit Places In Chandigarh


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