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Traveling to a new place can always be exciting. What’s more exciting than that is, traveling solo. But wait!? Unless you belong to a family full of open minded people, there is no problem but if you have conservative Indian parents, then convincing your parents to let you travel alone could be a problem. It’s … Continue reading 7 Things Indian Parents Say About Solo Travel


Taj Mahal, the most beautiful and popularly known as the “Monument of Love” surely deserves a place in the 7 wonders of the world. Earlier this year, my family planned a trip to Agra. We started our journey from Faridabad and after our short visit to Vrindavan, we headed off to Agra by road. After … Continue reading My Trip to Agra


Plan a visit to Chennai and explore this beautiful city and its rich culture. Fly to Chennai and learn about this place which is located in south of India. Discover a whole new variety of Indian cuisine and capture every moments to make it a remarkable journey. Marina Beach   Visiting Chennai and not going … Continue reading Top 8 Tourist Places To Visit in Chennai


For the mountain freaks, Himalayas provide a doorway to heaven. They are a home to around forty million people and its radiant mosaic of cultures, communities and people offer their own inspiration. The Himalayan range is a wider one stretching from Lhasa to Ladakh and Kashmir to Kathmandu. Test your strength on some of the … Continue reading Tour To The Legendary Himalayas


The month of June comes with a lot of fun-frolic activities and summer vacations. Here’s the time when group of friends or families stuff their backpacks and set for their journey to relax. It’s not the time for travelers to Keep Calm and Sit Back, instead traveler know how to extract every bit of happiness … Continue reading Travel in June: Cheap & Affordable Places to Visit


June is a great time of the year to gaze at the Milky Way while relaxing on a sand dune in Namib Desert or witnessing the festive frenzy of North America and Europe. Travelers who wish to travel to Sub Saharan Africa get a privilege to indulge in wildlife watching in the cooler and drier … Continue reading June Frenzy: 5 Best Places To Visit


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