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Sometimes people do crazy stuff to catch a plane. Now, these types of tantrums can be hilarious or dangerous. If you have a flight to catch, why not reach the airport at proper time than to use some crazy things to delay a flight. There was a recent incident, where a person called in a … Continue reading 7 Things You Should Never Do to Catch a Plane


With the holiday season approaching, no one can afford to get sick. As getting sick is a part of everyday life and falling sick while on a vacation is not new. Every year number of tourists get sick due to change of routine. While traveling, people are exposed to a whole new range of microbes, … Continue reading 7 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling


There are no set rules to follow when going on a vacation. The purpose of it anyway is to unbind oneself from all rules and restrictions; to have a relaxing time away from any responsibilities and pressure. However, exactly for this reason we can list down certain ways that a vacation can go completely wrong. … Continue reading 6 Ways to Tell You Are Vacationing Wrong


Weeks can pass by and you still won’t get enough of this beautiful place. Paris is a dream tourist destination with amazing boulevards, high-fashion stores, exquisite terrace cafes and world renowned monuments to see. Covering them all in one single day is one of the most cruel things to happen to you. But if that … Continue reading How to See Paris in One Day


Planning a trip to a strange land and accompanied by your little kid often bring chills running down the spine of parents. Traveling with a kid is not as hard as it sounds. kids usually are happy when they are full and energized and it is not an option to delay flying to some place … Continue reading 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying with Kids


New York, LA, Washington- The names just pop up in our heads when discussing a trip to America. But America has a lot more to offer, and a lot many places to go to. Here is our list of 5 American States that are not overflowing with tourists all the time but are nonetheless worth … Continue reading The 5 Least Visited States in America, and Why You Should Go There


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